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UI hell puzzler ШП adds English translation

Last week when I played ШП, a collection of puzzles game with intentionally baffling interfaces, I wondered if me not speaking its native tongue of Russian was even a problem. Nonsense you can’t read is the same as nonsense you can, right? Well, developer Xitilon has since added an English translation and… oh god, yep, this is still mighty confusing. But now I do have some vague hope of correctly navigating this UI hell of buttons, menus, sliders, boxes, pop-ups, progress bars, tabs, calendars, and cryptic clues. Read the rest of this entry »

This “incomprehensible” puzzler is twisting my melon


    After twenty minutes of playing ШП, I still can’t tell whether the text is all in Russian to be mysterious and disorienting or simply because the puzzle game’s maker speaks Russian. ШП is a collection of three puzzle games made of disparate Windows UI elements – a mish-mash of buttons, sliders, boxes, sliders, and pop-ups all over. Developer Xitilon proudly describes the interface as “incomprehensible” and yup, that sounds right. So if the UI we’re puzzling through is incomprehensible, something we’re supposed to be baffled by, does it really even matter if the text is Russian? I have spent 20 minutes and £0.79 puzzling over this and enjoyed myself either way. Read the rest of this entry »