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Shovel Knight meets the Battletoads in his latest update

Shovel Knight x Battle Toads

The Battletoads have escaped the confines of Microsoft’s corporate grasp and have made their way to the greater PC audience through Shovel Knight [official site] update. You can now meet, battle and befriend the burly amphibian trio in a whole new level. This was initially exclusively to Xbox then spread to the Windows 10 version, and thanks to last week’s update (full patch notes here) everyone on PC can now play it.

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Shovel Knight: King of Cards bouncing into 2018

The final campaign of fab platformer Shovel Knight [official site] will arrive in 2018, developers Yacht Club Games have announced. Like the Plague of Shadows and Specter of Torment bonus campaigns before it, King of Cards stars one of the main game’s villains on an adventure of their own. This time it’s the dastardly King Knight, who’ll bouncing and bopping his way through four worlds and over thirty courses. It was previously expected some time in 2017 but now 2018 is the lucky year. Read the rest of this entry »

Shovel Knight: Spectre of Torment leaping to April


Specter of Torment, the next add-on coming free to cracking throwback platformer Shovel Knight [official site], should be bouncing our way in April. That’s the word from developers Yacht Club Games, who previously said more broadly that it’d arrive in spring. Like the Plague Knight expansion, Specter of Torment will bring a campaign starring another knight, this time Specter Knight with his swish wall-climbing and air-dash attacks. Here, check his moves out in this trailer from December: Read the rest of this entry »

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment shows off new moves

Everyone’s favorite game about a knight with a highly undignified weapon is getting a prequel, and how! Starring Spectre Knight as its playable character, the ‘Specter of Torment’ campaign will arrive as a free update to Shovel Knight [official site]. We’ve had a peek at his swift moves before but a new trailer shows a lot more of what we should expect when Spectre Knight leaps out in spring 2017. Read the rest of this entry »

Shovel Knight Shows Off Specter Knight’s Free Campaign

Shovel Knight is already a cracking fighty platformer – have you played it? – but developers Yacht Club Games have kept adding to it as they tick off stretch goals from the Kickstarter which funded it. The dastardly Plague Knight got his own campaign last year and now Yacht Club have revealed the next boss becoming playable in a free update, Specter Knight. He’s an agile-looking fella with tricks like climbing walls and air dash attacks to get around, as a few GIFs of him in motion show. Yes, King Knight and more modes are still coming too.

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Shovel Knight’s Free Plague Knight Expansion Released

I exhibit levels of nostalgia some describe as “monstrous” – I recently decided that keeping both the last birthday card and the final Christmas card from my dead grandmother constituted hoarding and binned one of them, and don’t even get me started on chiptune – so you can trust that I’m not simply taken in by the retro stylings of Shovel Knight [official site]. It’s pretty nice. Now it’s bigger, as this week brought the free expansion Plague of Shadows, a pleasant bundling-up of old Kickstarter stretch goals including a secondary campaign starring the dastardly Plague Knight.

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Shovel Knight’s Free Expansion “Coming Soon”

Shovel Knight [official site] is a fine game, drawing influence from many 8-bit games into a smart, slick, and unique fight-o-platformer which rises above plain old nostalgia. (Read what Cobbo said about it.) It’s about to get bigger and better, thanks to a free expansion which developers Yacht Club Games say really is “coming soon” for real this time. They’ve made a trailer and everything to show how much they mean it.

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Have You Played… Shovel Knight?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game recommendations. One a day, every weekday of the year, perhaps for all time.

Shovel Knight [official site] is one of the few retro platformers that’s made me feel I was in front of my NES/SNES again. I’ve missed that. Better still, I no longer have to stop to clean up my room.

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Trowel Squire: Shovel Knight Brings Joy

Oof, what a dour Friday it’s been. I feel like every time I’ve opened a tab on this here internet and decided to clatter my fingers across the keys, I’ve been moaning and complaining about something or other. What a delight it was to see Shovel Knight in the Steam new releases. “This’ll dig out the dirt and cast away the cobwebs”, I thought to myself, not really worrying that I wasn’t making any sense.

Shovel Knight is from one of gaming’s oldest schools – it’s a side-scrolling, flip-screen platformer – and it’s a lovely wee thing.

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I Have No Pants Because Shovel Knight Charmed Them Off

It looks far less generic in motion.

Retro platformers are pestilence. They’re a lighting rod for cheap nostalgia, a familiar smile with mountains of mold sandwiched between rotten teeth. That is what I would say if I were prone to over-generalizing, which I’m absolutely, positively not – except when I am. Yeah, the modern gaming landscape has more retro platformers than ye olde days back when these tropes were actually invented, but that doesn’t necessarily render all future additions redundant. Hopping is fun. It has been fun for 4389295732 years – ever since man invented legs. But something’s always been missing. Shovel Knight asserts that it was – yep – shovels the entire time. And goodness me, I have never been so delighted by crude tools used primarily for digging (well, except that one time MF Doom said, “Can you dig it like a spigot?”).

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