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There Is Going To Be Another Shaq Fu For Some Reason

Hi there, Street Fighter IV's exact art style. How are you doing?

There are some things in this universe I will simply never understand. Mainly, I’m referring to math and this older gentleman who goes to the bar where I do karaoke every week and only ever sings Gangnam Style, but the idea that a sequel to the universally reviled Shaq Fu could exist in the year 2014 is up there too. As if that’s not enough, it gets even more bewildering: Shaquille O’Neal, American household name and multi-millionaire basketball star, is hoping to garner $450,000 of gamerly cash on Indiegogo. Or rather, the company he’s working with is. Right? I don’t even (indie) know-know anymore. There is a trailer of Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn below, and it is certainly… something.

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