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Babies and Games

If the dragon's age was 18 months it'd be even worse

Edit – this feature was supposed to be purely for our Supporter Program, but I messed up and it temporarily went public. In hindsight I don’t want to seem like a terrible tease, so it’s open to all again.

No Raised By Screens this week as I’ve been up since 4am looking after a rampaging toddler, and frankly I’m just not up to it. Instead, a relevant lament of sorts. Apologies in advance.
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26 Factual Inaccuracies In ‘Baby Hazel Stomach Care Game’

Baby Hazel Stomach Care Game‘ is a free webgame which RPS was emailed about today. It concerns an unspecified parent, who may or may not be a single Mickey Mouse glove, attempting to help the titular Baby Hazel with a stomach complaint. As the father of a seven-month-old daughter, I felt qualified to list 26 factual inaccuracies in this infant-management simulator, ranging from inconsistent depiction of the baby’s motor skills to her psychic capabilities, possible Timelord attributes and the poor professional standards of her parents’ chosen medical practitioner.
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