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Legend Of Dungeon Randomizing Everything – Even Music

When I rule the world, all games will be reviewed on a scale of [NUMBER]/Has the option to command cat armies.

I’m quite happy to exist in a gaming world where both meticulously crafted locational tapestries and randomly generated frontiers of madness have their place. If I want an experience that weeps intentionality, I turn to something like Lone Survivor or Bastion or BioShock 2: Minerva’s Den. But if I want chaos and mystery and discovery, I can let the likes of Binding of Isaac, FTL, Proteus, or any number of others wash over me, falling wherever they may. Legend of Dungeon certainly looks to fall into the latter category, but it’s taking things a step even further. The entire soundtrack, you see, is randomized. It doesn’t sound like a set of bagpipes stuffed with broken megaphones and goats that sound like people and people that sound like goats, either. Hurrah!

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