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Valve take a stand against taking a stand on Steam rules

Steam just got a whole lot wilder.

Good news: Creators of raunchy visual novels and other such things on the fringes of Steam’s content rules can now probably breathe easy, despite Valve’s worrying and unpredictable behaviour recently.

Less good news: In a lengthy and jaw-dropping Steam blog post, Valve’s Erik Johnson has effectively abdicated all responsibility for what is sold on Steam, stating that:

“-we’ve decided that the right approach is to allow everything onto the Steam Store, except for things that we decide are illegal, or straight up trolling”.

Alright, deep breath… Let’s take a look at this and try to pick apart some of the implications.

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You Must Be 18 Or Older To Enter banned from Steam, daftly declared porn

You Must Be 18 Or Older To Enter is a fine free horror game for the digital age, a tale of looking at pornography for the first time and fearing your parents will catch you.
Logging onto AOL, we click through porn sites showing murky ASCII art porn while jumping at every creaking door and passing car. It is good horror, Olivia White and our Brendan have previously told you and I’ll third that. It is also, supposedly according to Valve’s standards, pornographic. Valve have pulled the game from their store and oh, that’s so daft. One of the game’s creators has written a good response to this, using the opportunity to call for us all to break the cycle stifling unconventional games. Read the rest of this entry »

Five alternative Halloween treats


So you’re on the lookout for an Interactive Horror Experience™ to play this Halloween week, huh? But you’re not a fan of action horror; you’d rather you weren’t holding a gun in your shaking fingers. Or perhaps you prefer your horror games to be something a little more unusual. Something a little outside the box. But you don’t want comedy horror! You still want to be genuinely unsettled, disturbed even, but the likes of Resident Evil 7 and The Evil Within aren’t quite right for you. Well that’s fine. That’s okay. Gather round, kiddies, because boy do I have some cool Halloween week recommendations for you which (mostly) fit outside the box of traditional horror games. They’re all recent, all available right now, and even if you’re a fan of all things fearsome, there should be at least a couple of surprises.

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Free Loaders: Go Floating On The River Of Bones

Think back to your innocent and carefree youth. The sound of your parents’ car has disappeared down the driveway. They won’t be back for an hour and you’re all alone in the house. What do you do?


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