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Now you can enjoy the taste of Bugsnax in your own home

Weird critter-hunting game, Bugsnax, made me uncomfortably hungry when I played it for the first time over the weekend. Watching the little Bungers (they're kinda like burger beetles) waddle around charging at splodges of ketchup made me go "awww", and then immediately order a McDonald's delivery. Thankfully, I will no longer need to default to takeaways to serve these strange cravings, because video game food-maker,…

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Bugsnax is kinda bug, kinda snack, and kinda out right now

Bugsnax - everyone's talkin' bout them, y'know? After giving us all earworms back at its not-E3 reveal, we're finally free to chow down on Young Horses' absurd menagerie of bugs wot happen to also be snacks. The bug-hunting, problem-solving expedition sets sail for the Epic Games Store today - just mind you don't spoil your appetite on Strabbies before dinner.

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Feature: We're talkin' about 'em, alright.

Bugsnax review

Animals are delicious. Trotting all around the place on their powerful, edible legs, tumbling head over hooves into industrial mincers and having their bodies, minds and souls mechanically reformed into millions upon billions of tasty, pink breakfast tubes. This magical sense of gastronomic abundance — the unshakeable belief that every creature that scoots, slithers and sails on the wind is simply tracing an inevitable path…

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Bugsnax releases its weird, unsettling adventure into the wild on November 12

I still barely know what Bugsnax is about. At surface level, it's apparently an island full of semi-sentient snack foods and the colorful Muppet-like folks who've arrived to research them. There's definitely more to it than that, and we'll all only have a bit longer to wait to figure out its secrets for ourselves. Bugsnax launches on November 12th, which they've announced via an uncanny…

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Feature: Feeling a bit queasy

Preview: Bugsnax isn’t a horror game, but it’s still unsettling

I don’t watch much horror myself, so forgive me. But you know those trailers? The ones where there’s a cabin in the woods and a group of smiling high schoolers descend upon it? They flip up the trunk of their car, eagerly fling their suitcases on the wooden decking, and chortle about how they are going to have a rad time. Tropicana in the morning,…

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The “It’s Bugsnax!” song launches today, with more Bugsnax reveals coming next week

Look, we're all worn out from this summer-long celebration of FakE3, right? What better way to wind down than with the digital release of that Bugsnax bop and some Bugsnax-related reveals? The former's out today, with a vinyl release planned for later. The later is coming next week on Monday, July 27th. Will we actually find out what the heck this game is, or will…

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Feature: It was too much for my friend Tim

The Bugsnax trailer is all questions and no answers

I don't keep in touch with loads of the people I was at school with, but one of them I do is a man we'll call Tim (because that's his name). Tim is very nice and I value his friendship, but he is also a useful yardstick for how long ago school was, and how I should be feeling about life. At school he held…

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Bugsnax is a game from the Octodad devs about edible snack-food creatures

In my eyes, Bugsnax is possibly the strangest game to come out of PlayStation's big announce-a-thon live stream last night. Made by Octodad creators, Young Horses, it's a story-driven adventure game about an island (appropriately named Snaktooth) where all the creatures are half-bug, half-snack, and if you eat them your limbs will start to turn into various foods. It looks as weird as it sounds…

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Octodad is 79p on Steam so buy it, you chump

This is an RPS public service announcement. Please remain indoors and boot up Steam. Octodad: Dadliest Catch, the immortal tale of a struggling father and loving husband, is 79p on Steam. That's 99 cents for all you United Statesians. And 92 centimes for our European reader.* Octodad is a literary masterpiece about the emotional turmoil of living far from your true home. A Steinbeckian fable…

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Octodad Not Octodead, Shorts Out Next Week

If I was secretly any large animal, I expect it would be a bear. Not least for classic reasons but it also fits my desperate need to hibernate as we approach the winter months. The messy shedding. My giant claw like hands that destroy everything I touch. Octodad has none of these problems, of course. He's a finely controlled machine, a weapon of precision and has no…

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Dadlier Than Ever: Octodad Free DLC Coming In Dad Shorts

They have a hard lot in life, Game Dads. They scarcely have time to get through the front door and step into their slippers before trouble comes calling and they need to kick in the teeth of some lout threatening their daughter/daughter figure. Poor chaps. Real dadding's like that too, Alec tells us.Dear old Octodad has got into a few scrapes and scraps himself, and…

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Feature: A Swing And A Fish

Octodad: Dadliest Catch review

Octodad: Dadliest Catch has been a long time in coming. We first spent a whopping zero (s)quid on the original  freeware version back in 2010, And Octodad 2, as it was known back in ye olde pre-Double-Fine-Adventure days, took Kickstarter by (relative) storm in 2011. So here we are in 2014, and the second coming of the heart-stealing, identity-thieving octo-man/myth/legend is upon us. But is…

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Father (Dis)Figure: Octodad – Dadliest Catch Out Jan 30th

It's been a long weight but the the besuited cephalopod is finally ready to raise a ruckus. And his family. The day that I take the brilliance of Octodad's premise for granted is the day that the new chief around these parts will demand that I hand in my RPS badge and gun. Sure, the gun only fires silly string but I'm fond of it,…

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Silence Puny Humans, For Octodad SPEAKS

Octodad's return is nearly upon us, and he's feeling downright dadly. He will not tolerate your frightened wails and muted mutterings. He does not care for your pitiful plights and strange obsessions with creepily young pop stars. He only wishes to... slip on banana peels and participate in an octopus-human marriage so adorable that I nearly forgot to be weirded out by it. Yeah, OK,…

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Nautical But Nice – Octodad: Dadliest Catch

I know what you're thinking. Not another game about grim men shooting each other in the future. However, Octodad: Dadliest Catch is actually the kickstarted sequel to Octodad, the tale of an octopus attempting to hide the tentacled truth of his being while living in suburbia with a wife and two children. There's a trailer now and some details on the plot, which involves a…

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Woo! Octodad 1 Expanded, Octodad 2 Funded

Glad tidings, cephalopod fans. Thanks to 608 generous people, Octodad 2 has met its funding targets - exceeded 'em, in fact - which means it's definitely, definitely go. The gods of gaming absurdity have been kind this day. To celebrate, devs Young Horses have popped up a new update for the original saga of the undersea patriarch, which adds two new levels to his wobbly…

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