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You know what’s wrong with mice? They’re not enough like guns. An object designed to be moved across a flat surface isn’t much like an object designed to be waved in the air and fired at a man. Imagine!

Sporadically, well-intentioned (or money-intentioned) hardware designers attempt to correct this shocking disparity. A couple of years back, we had the Monster Gecko PistolMouse FPS, which was basically a toy gun glued to the top of a mouse. Well done, Gecko. Using it – for I have had the pleasure – proved even less like wielding a gun than did a normal mouse, as the placement of the sensor in the base meant the direction you moved the cursor in had essentially no bearing on where the gun muzzle was pointing. Aiming a gun and moving a mouse = completely different. Today though, I’ve been playing with another take on the concept, Zalman’s FPSGUN.

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