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Stardust Vanguards Launches 4-Player Mecha Combat

Something I unreservedly admire about contemporary indie games is that ‘couch co-op’ is getting a lot more love. Even if ‘couch’ is a misnomer, today we’ve plenty of choice in local multiplayer games, be they co-operative, competitive or somewhere in between. It is a wonderful time.

To such choices we can add Stardust Vanguards [official site], which launched on Steam and the Humble store yesterday. It’s a mecha-inspired arena shooter of sorts, and involves one to four players (the more the merrier) duking it out as giant robots whizzing through space. Your basic loadout consists of a rapid-fire cannon and one of those improbable energy swords – which in this case can deflect bullets. Oh, joyous day!

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Four-Player Anime Space Battles: Stardust Vanguards


Anime space operas are a pretty good subject for a local multiplayer game. Rivalries and uneasy alliances form, the power of friendship is tested but ultimately triumphs, and it’s all a reet laugh. Then you probably do some kissing. Stardust Vanguards may not promise that last one, but looks like it’ll have a good crack at the rest.

It’s a local multiplayer arena shoot ’em up which starts with up to four mecha duelling in space, but escalates over rounds to include floods of allied spaceships and random space pirate attacks players will need to respond to. Come have a gander at a recent trailer.

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