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Have You Played… Zen Bound 2?


You may very well own Zen Bound 2, as it’s been in two Humble Bundles, but have you played it? Next time you fancy a calming game, perhaps give it a whirl. It’s a slow, methodical puzzle game about wrapping small wooden objects in string, studying their form, picking an efficient approach, carefully binding it, looping around nails, and finishing off with a small knot. Very pleasant.

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You Have To Use The Rope: Zen Bound 2

There’s something sinister about Zen Bound 2. I’m not really aware of how the original game came to spawn this sequel, but I’m imagining that was a bit sinister too. The reason for this is that Zen Bound is about binding things up with a rope. And the rope is very tight.

Some thoughts on this below.
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