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Story Of The Blues: BlazBlue To Come To PC

The best thing about there being so few fighters on the PC means that we can do all the LOOK! THEY ARE DANCING! jokes and they're relatively fresh rather than being something you'd do in a gamesmaster box-out circa 1994. Yays!

I didn’t know this was happening, but it’s welcome. BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger – which does sound like the sort of title Quinns would make up at his most frenzied incoherence – arrived on the consoles in Europe this month, in the UK via Zen United. “IRRELEVANT TO THE TRUE CHURCH OF GAMING” you may say. To which I say i) your saying is a lot like a lot of other people’s shouting. Chill, daddio. and ii) the PC version hits in June. If you want to know why that’s a good thing, I point you at Eurogamer’s 9/10 review which elaborates how it pushes the 2D Fighting game, in terms of a more building-up rather than pure memory combo system. Also, neat character design. It’s also worth noting that it’ll be compatible with the 360 multiplayer, meaning that there’s a community of gamers for you to meet and be beaten up by in existence. When it’s a genre which – to be polite – tends to lean consolewards, that sort of thing is quite important. It could be very lonely otherwise. A trailer nestles below…
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