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Roguelikelike FPS Ziggurat is free right now on GOG

Enough of this ‘E3’ and its video games tomorrow; what about video games today? Reader, I have good news: not only are a number of video games out and playable right now (at least one hundred, I’m told) a great one is being given away free for the next two days. GOG are continuing their summer sale celebrations with free copies of Ziggurat, 2014’s wizardly roguelikelike first-person shooter.

“It’s the closest thing to a first-person Binding of Isaac I’ve ever played,” our dearly-departed Adam (RPS in peace) said in his Ziggurat review. High praise indeed! Read the rest of this entry »

Wot I Think: Ziggurat

Along with the shattering of New Year’s Resolutions, each January contains the solidification of Previous Year’s Regrets. My regrets are mostly about money and beer, but a few gaming-related horrors have arisen over the last couple of weeks. The Talos Principle was the first – a game I should have played as soon as it was available rather than waiting until Christmas. Now I’m adding Ziggurat to the list of regrets. I spotted it before release but didn’t get round to playing until now.

It’s the closest thing to a first-person Binding of Isaac I’ve ever played.

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Sumer Of (Serious) Sam: Ziggurat

Ziggurat, available in Early Access and gearing up for a full release, is like a fantasy-themed Tower of Guns. As you’ll know if you’ve played Tower of Guns, this is potentially a very good thing indeed. It’s a first-person shooter/smasher, with randomised rooms and floor layouts, and a loot system designed to present a choice of character builds rather than a slow grind toward perfection. Most importantly, while there are crypt-loads of skeletons and other undead, there are also hostile carrots and mushrooms to contend with.

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