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Din’s Legacy is an RPG about mutated orcs having a terrible time

No preview images yet, so here's a sad Orc

Mutation is an under-explored idea in games, isn’t it? I know I’m inviting a flood of comments about games that do play with the idea. Those are all welcome – yup, The Binding of Issac and Nuclear Throne are both fab – but I’m struggling to think of anything that’s dealt with the long term consequences of physically evolving a body in different and potentially unwanted directions.

Or else I would be struggling if I wasn’t about to tell you about Din’s Legacy, a freshly announced action RPG from Soldak Entertainment. As the name suggests, this is a followup to Din’s Curse, an RPG with a dynamic quest system that Quinns sung the praises of back in 2011. It’s also a followup to Zombasite, which saw the same fantasy world get afflicted by a zombie apocalypse. More details await below, but I’ll tell you now: time has not been kind to the orcs.

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Zombasite: Orc Schism expansion announced

The one-man action-RPG army that is Steven Peeler of Soldak Entertainment has announced the first expansion for Zombasite [official site], the action-RPG set in a fantasy zombie apocalypse. Named Orc Schism, it’ll introduce three monstrous factions of Orcs as well as a Bard class for folks who want to sing about the end of the world as we know it. It’s due some time this summer. Read the rest of this entry »