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The Skeletones: Zombie Slaughter Tour 2009

I'm writing this naked. No-one will ever know, except ALT-tag readers and the guy across the road who's staring at me. Hello guy! Let me do my special naked dance for you. Look! I'm Paul Cornell! That joke will make no sense to anyone who hasn't read my twitter feed today. Man!

It’s a zombie shooter. It’s a rhythm action game. It’s released in 2009. It’s zombie rhythm action game 2009! Well, Zombie Slaughter Tour 2009, which through silliness of concept alone demands a post. Now, if linking to something funny but not very good, I play gentle in the actual text. After all, someone will play the demo before considering throwing cash down on the full thing, so will realise a giggle all it’s worth. Alas, Latana don’t have a demo and only an option to buy the full thing. For a dollar, admittedly, but since it’s not even worth that unless you’re terribly drunk. I should stress it’s absolutely bloody awful. Here’s the video to watch though…
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