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Achron Devs Return With Another Time-Bending Game

Back in the dim and distant past – or a simultaneous event to right now, depending on which philosophy of time you subscribe to – we were rather enraptured with the concepts powering a real-time strategy game known as Achron. An RTS based around time travel, wherein you could both revisit what had happened in the past and predict what might happen in the future in order to inform your tactics. Sadly the reality wasn’t quite as sweet as the idea. “Achron is a game that deserves to be played… but not an easy one to recommend buying”, reckoned Richard in 2011.

A dev with that kind of design ambition is a dev that deserves to be watched, however, and so it that I was glad to hear that Hazardous Software are back with zTime [official site] – another game about time travel. Read the rest of this entry »