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Touhou’s next fighting game is launching (nearly) direct to Steam

Times are changing and old boundaries are coming down. It's easy to see, thanks to the likes of the Touhou series - once nearly unobtainable outside of Japanese import services - seeing massive worldwide success on Steam.One of the biggest spinoffs of the Japanese indie mega-franchise (which we explained the appeal of a bit here) is the fighting games, co-developed by Twilight Frontier. The very…

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Touhou 16 shoots onto Steam

Touhou is a phenomenon. Despite niche appeal, this long-running series of bullet hell shmups has grown into an enormous shared franchise in Japan. It's an indie scene unto itself, enabled by creator Zun giving his blessing to people making and selling fan works. Touhou boasts twice-yearly conventions dense with cosplayers, multiple official comic lines and fan-made works including music, anime, and games spanning every genre, including boozy RTSs…

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