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Take A T'Loak At Mass Effect 3 Omega

I'm not the sort of person who usually watches the deleted/extended scenes of movie special editions. I mean, I'm sure they're fascinating - and I'll definitely go for a swim in the deep end if I'm really, really into something - but odds are, I've already gotten the point. I've seen the credits roll on the vanilla version. I've taken the journey, and - unless it's been a while - I'm not super interested in trying the scenic route. That's pretty much my dilemma with Mass Effect 3's DLC as well. Omega, for instance, looks like a bombastic jaunt off the beaten space-path, but I already know where it ultimately leads. Still though, a new trailer makes a compelling argument for me to play it sooner rather than later - if only because it looks like a fairly robust self-contained tale. Also, Aria's finally doing things. Explode-y things. I bet her faithful couch is terribly lonely.

So right then, what do you think of Karate Action Aria? I'm not sure if she's cut out for the whole inspirational rally-the-troops speech-giving shtick, but hopefully there's more to Omega than wanton man/spiky man/large rhino frog man/blue not-man/robo-man shooting.

If nothing else, Aria as a party member, an honest-to-goodness female Turian, and a four-or-so-hour runtime are all locks for this one. Apparently, however, there are no new romance options, which is a shame since - as we all know - the only real reason anyone plays Mass Effect is for sizzling sensuality.

At any rate, Omega should be available right now-ish. Today's its release day, so expect it very, very soon for the fairly hefty price of £10/$15. So then, are you going to lend Aria a helping hand? And, sort of on that subject, did you imagine such a generally hands-off character's moment in the spotlight being so, um, loud?

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