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Take a wander through dozens of artworks in The Zium Garden

So much to see

What, exactly, is a Zium? Well, there is a definition available: “1. a virtual gallery game, composed of eclectic and wonderful things. 2. (kind of like a zine, but the museum version).” But it's best to see if for yourself by taking a trip through The Zium Garden, the latest curation from the project’s creator Michael Berto. You can get a feel for the huge variety on display in the trailer below:

Like it’s predecessor, The Zium Museum, The Zium Garden is a collection of artwork from dozens of creators, all packed into a digital space that you can explore at your leisure. But there’s even more to see this time around, and I love the fact that the openness of the main area means you can usually see multiple works at once, like a strange, kaleidoscopic collage of different styles.

You might spot a few familiar creators in here, too. Space Backyard’s Like Roots In The Soil makes an appearance, and if you poke around you’ll find offerings from Dziff, who made the simply gorgeous Sacramento; Pol Clarissou, of Vignettes (and several other things) fame; and many more.

If the main garden isn’t enough for you to get lost in, there are also warps that will take you to entirely self-contained areas of their own. I’m especially a fan of this lovely pastel carousel made by Gabrielle Genevive, Chris Chappelear, and Emily E. Meo, where the moths are polite and the horses are sad:

You can visit The Zium Garden yourself via itch.io, and entry is free.

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