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Take cover! Sniper Elite V2 Remastered shoots out

Oh balls

Sniper Elite V2 is the one where you can shoot Hitler in the testicles, right? I mean shooting people in the testicles is par for the (gruesome, slow-mo, finely rendered) course in Sniper Elite games, but this was the one with the Hitler hunting DLC. Except... it turns out every game since has included a different spin on Reich castration. Feels like flogging a dead Nazi at this point.

Speaking of: Sniper Elite V2 Remastered is out today. I remember the original being quite good, especially in co-op.

You're a WW2 sniperman, running about on the back lines doing bastard snipey things. Everything apart from the sniping is in third-person, but everything apart from the sniping is mediocre. Assault rifles and pistols are more functional than fun, here, but the sniping is something special. The game is built around it: most missions are a mix of sneaking and setting up in comfy nests, timing your shots alongside claps of thunder and other noisy distractions.

The V2 remaster is predictably prettier. Steam reviewers seem disappointed though, so take these techy words with a pinch of salt. There's a modernised renderer, enhanced textures, snazzier lighting and 4K support. That's complimented by the new photo mode, letting you capture the hyper-gore in hyper detail. It lets you "pause and step through the action frame-by-frame", which is an admittedly powerful way of capturing scenes I'm reluctant to admit an interest in.

Not that I really have one, nowadays. I whiled away a few hours in Sniper Elite 4 last year, mostly enjoying myself despite the excess rather than because of it. Fortunately V2 gives you some control over the slow-motion bullet cams that depict bones snapping, muscles tearing and, yes, testicles popping. You can turn them off completely, if that's not something you want to revel in - or you can increase the frequency if you do.

The remaster also includes playable characters from the Zombie Army series, along with seven multiplayer modes. I remember the multiplayer being an absolute nightmare, because obviously everyone is a sniper and repeatedly getting sniped is obviously horrible.

Oh, and it includes all the DLC. No need to fork up extra cash to fornicate with the Fuhrer.

The original is no longer for sale, btw - it used to be £15.

The remaster is available with a 10% launch discount on Steam for £27/$31.50/€31.50, and for slightly more on GOG. If you already own the original, it's £7/$10/€10 to upgrade via either platform.

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