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Talk Like An Egyptian: 15 Mins Of Rome II Footage

This is the wrong battle to highlight when I'm in the middle of a massive Frasier rewatch. I see "Nile", and all I can think of is the tragedy of the unrequited love that Niles has for Daphne. I'm six seasons in and Donnie and Daphne have just gotten engaged. Noooooooooo! Now I'm sad, and entirely in the wrong state of mind to write about this Rome II "Let's Play". There's 15 minutes of direct feed, right from the heart of the Roman Empire's perspective.

Like all popular culture movements, the Let's Play zeitgeist is being glommed onto by marketers. See, this isn't from a shouty Youtube personality with a squillion rabid followers, but it instead comes directly from the Creative Assembly's own Al Bickham, as he takes on The Battle of the Nile. At least I can comfortably embed it without worrying about unfortunate political opinions, and Al's as lovely as Niles, so I don't begrudge him. He's also pretty darn good at Rome twoing, as you'll see below.

It's out 3rd September 2013. Meanwhile, I think we can all agree this is one of the finest bits of comedy that's ever graced the TV.

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