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Tanks A Lot: Steve Jackson's Ogre Rolling Onto PC

Cybertanks! Futurewar!

When Steve Jackson Games Kickstarted a new release of his tank battle board game Ogre [official site], one of the stretch goals they hit was a video game adaptation. Well, it's coming a few years later than planned but the game is now officially announced. The adaptation is coming all hexy and turn-based in 2017 from Auroch Digital, the folks who adapted Games Workshop's Chainsaw Warrior and are also currently working on GW's Dark Future and their own Last Days of Old Earth.

Ogre was Steven Jackson's first game, initially published in 1977. Lawks! It's new to me so let's consult the rulebook:

"In its basic version, Ogre is a two-player game representing an attack by a cybernetic fighting unit – the Ogre – on a strategic command post guarded by an armor battalion. Playing time is between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Other scenarios (see the Scenario Book) may involve the larger (G.E.V.) maps, more types of units, and/or several Ogres, and may take as long as desired."

Apparently Ogres are AI-powered cybertanks built for futurewar. Futurewar!

Ogre is coming our way via Steam in "late 2017".

Maybe one of y'all cardboard parents can tell the rest of us how beautiful your baby is. Gosh, look how ridiculously huge the cardboard version is. No wonder they're making a digital version.

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