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Tchia still looks like an utterly gorgeous Zelda-like

Climb, glide, sail, possess birds

Tchia was one of the best looking game's at last year's Game Awards, and looked even better at this year's PlayStation Showcase. It's simultaneously a bit Wind Waker, a bit Breath Of The Wild, and a bit Disney. This year's trailer has all of the above, plus more of the animal and object possession and the ways you can use it in combat. Lovely stuff. Watch it below.

I don't care at all that climbing and gliding are becoming increasingly widespread in action-adventure games. I will never tire of climbing up high things and leaping off the top. Sailing on pretty blue water just makes it better.

Tchia seems to be aiming for a similarly BotW-ish spirit of invention in combat, but here it's driven by your ability to zoom inside animals and inanimate objects. In the video above, we see encampments being entered via possessed bird and slingshots being fired while still in mid-air. We also see possession of inanimate lamps, which can then be rolled and smashed into unaware enemies.

There's lots of little fun interactions throughout. I love the look of bending and springing between trees. I even like the playable ukelele and the seemingly interactive woodcarving minigame.

All I need now is a release date, but there isn't one yet beyond "2022", when it'll possess the Epic Games Store.

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