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Team Fortress 2's Tough Break Update Hits


Valve crept in during the night and left a little present under your Christmas PC (I've seen it, stuffed full of lights and gingerbread with a case window to show them off), a nice, big Team Fortress 2 [official site] update. Okay, yes, much of Tough Break Update is reserved for people who spend $6 to buy into the Tough Break 'Campaign' (a series of challenges like CS:GO's Operations), and yes the new taunts it also adds are expensive, but the greatest gift of all is free: a look at the TF2 gang doing aerobics (sorry, Mannrobics) together.

That's perked me up no end this morning. I'm sitting here all swolen-faced with an infection making me want to smash a tooth out with a hammer, and here they are dancing away, so free, so excited, so full energy. They can do anything. I... I can do anything!

Anyway, the Tough Break Campaign brings 26 new contracts, offering shiny new weapons as rewards for completing them. If you don't have the weapon needed to complete a certain contract, hey, it now has a 'Loaner Program' letting you play with it while you try to do the murders. And four new community-created murdergrounds. It'll cost you $5.99 to get in, as ever.

Check the update announcement for the full notes, which include details on all sorts of weapon reblancing doodads and new things you can buy,

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