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Team Sonic Racing delayed into May 2019

"Make haste!" Sonic is always saying, but even that zippy fella knows that too much haste will see you running face-first into a wall of spikes. And that's why Team Sonic Racing, the new spin-off racing game from the makers of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, has been delayed. Previously slated to launch this winter, the game is now due on May 21st, 2019. Team Sonic Racing seems a little less silly (and way more Sonic-y) than the crossover of All-Stars but ah g'wan, I'll wait for the hope of good karting.

"To make Team Sonic Racing the best game it can be, we're giving the team extra time to work on it," publishers Sega tweeted on Thursday (I was away on holiday, okay).

"We know delays are no fun, but quality matters most. Thanks for your patience – we've got more to show you for TSR very soon!"

Team Sonic Racing looks more race-race-y than All-Stars, without transforming vehicles and Manager Man and other such wackiness. Instead, teams of three are racing around, boosting each other, using team abilities, and so on.

Young Matt recently raised the question of wackiness in an interview with Sumo Digital design director Derek Littlewood.

"I would like to think there's a lot of the DNA of the previous games still present in Team Sonic Racing," Littlewood said. "I think the fans coming from those games will find a lot that's familiar still with the core feel of the game. You know, you'll be able to pick up and play it easily, still drifting, doing stunts, all of those things."

Little-known fact: Derek Littlewood is actually not Cowboy Builders presenter Dominic Littlewood wearing a mask.

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Team Sonic Racing

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