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Teamfight Tactics gold strategy - interest and streaks

Managing gold is key to winning games of Teamfight Tactics. Without it, you won't be able to do all that much but with it, there are endless possibilities. There are many concepts surrounding gold in TFT and some of them are a little complicated. With our help, you'll be able to manage your gold to stay competitive and have some more gold in your coin purse.

Teamfight Tactics gold strategy guide

Our TFT gold strategy guide will go over how to make gold in every game, how player levels work, and key topics from streaks to interest.


We are currently in the process of updating all of our Teamfight Tactics guides in preparation for the new TFT season in mid-March. Please bear with us as we update our guides.

Win streaks are kept track of in the chat, along with whenever an enemy upgrades a champion.

TFT streaks

While you always get five gold for every round in Teamfight Tactics, there are bonuses that are applied to your rewards at the end of the round. You'll see notifications in the top left of the screen as to who is currently on a winning streak, but losing streaks can't be tracked. Below are all of the streak bonus values:

Win streak gold bonuses

  • Win streak 2-4: 1 gold rewarded
  • Win streak 5-6: 2 gold rewarded
  • Win streak 7+: 3 gold rewarded

Lose streak gold bonuses

  • Lose streak 2-4: 1 gold rewarded
  • Lose streak 5-6: 2 gold rewarded
  • Lose streak: 7+: 3 gold rewarded

(Note that these streak bonuses were changed as of patch 9.15. To find out more, check out our TFT 9.24 patch notes)

If you're already winning and winning consistently, then going for win streaks is the easier of the two options. However, you don't want any losses to break up win streaks as your bonus will be stripped from you like a disgraced athlete. Once you begin to lose, you'll likely want to carry on losing to maximise the amount of gold you can obtain per round.

You can't be eliminated for quite a while in any game of TFT, so use your player life total as a resource to buy some time to amass gold. The only time when you should be clawing back to win is when you're around the 30 life mark. Enemies can wipe health quickly from your life total in the late game, so try to ensure that you're in a winning position.

The shields on the left-hand side, circled in red, indicate that the player currently has two gold of interest per turn by having over 20 gold. The right-hand side (circled in yellow) is the opposing player's interest.

TFT interest

Making interest in Teamfight Tactics is the most important part of the early game. You'll need to maximise the amount of gold that you make each round and interest is the most reliable way of doing so.

For every 10 gold in your coin purse, you'll make an extra gold piece when the coin rewards are dished out to each player at the end of the round.

I've circled the above image with the red one indicating your own interest, which is shown in the form of shields. Opposing players also show their interest on the right-hand side, which is the area circled in yellow. This stacks and accumulates in the following pattern:

  • 10 gold in coin purse: 1 gold rewarded
  • 20 gold in coin purse: 2 gold rewarded
  • 30 gold in coin purse: 3 gold rewarded
  • 40 gold in coin purse: 4 gold rewarded
  • 50+ gold in coin purse: 5 gold rewarded

The sweet spot is 50 gold and you'll want to always be above 50 gold before going into the combat-based phase of any round, except for extreme circumstances where you really need to catch up with your champions.

Treat any gold that you make in the early-mid game after this point as your wallet and don't spend a penny of it on rerolls for the optimal strategy.

TFT player level

Player levels are how you are able to put more champions onto the battlefield. You'll automatically gain 2XP per sub-stage, but you can add additional experience by spending 4 gold to add 4XP.

This can be done multiple times in a turn.  Below are the experience levels you need to hit every level beyond level 3:

  • Lv4: 6XP
  • Lv5: 12XP
  • Lv6: 20XP
  • Lv7: 32XP
  • Lv8: 50XP
  • Lv9: 70XP

TFT gold tips

There are three strategies in place for playing Teamfight Tactics's economy that you should consider, all with their own advantages and disadvantages:


Perhaps the most beginner-friendly strategy, the idea is to invest in low-cost champions to take your team to higher rankings as quickly as possible.

You'll haemorrhage gold quicker than your opponents since you'll be spending it on rerolls for your team. After upgrading your units, until it's safe to stop splashing the cash and saving up for better champions or levels.

Have a few copies of the same rank 2 champion if you want more of a board presence, which you can then try to make a rank 3 hero later on.


Generally speaking, saving all the way to above 50 gold as soon as possible means that you're financially secure for the entire game, so why not try to save as soon as possible.

Don't worry too much about having a losing streak, but do try to mitigate the board so that you're only losing by a small amount rather than taking the entire enemy team's assault to the face.

You'll generally be able to afford player levels quicker than those rushing in, meaning that you can afford better champions. The downside is that the enemy may have ramped up so much that recovering and overtaking them in the standings may be more difficult.


A more balanced approach may be more top-tier. You'll want to commit to doing this after having a semi-reasonable start, like having a couple of early rank 2 champions on the board at player level 3.

Then you save straight to 50 gold. This is good for those who don't have a particularly obvious gameplan ahead of you.

You should also consider this the playstyle of choice when you're more comfortable scouting ahead and working out how to distribute your champions before each battle.

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