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Teeny Tiny Trials

Here's your dumb distraction for lunchtime: Tinymania's Tiny Trials. It's a collection of micro-Flash games, with some sort of global leaderboard to compete against. Think Wario Ware, with a mouse and keyboard, on a PC, without the minds behind Wario Ware.

The Wario Ware comparison isn't going to help any team - Nintendo's first GBA Wario Ware was a thing of such masterful brilliance that all that follows looks wane. Including most the subsequent Wario Ware games. That's not to say this isn't distracting fun for a bit. For about 50 games, I'd say. After that point it begins to repeat incessantly, which wouldn't be a huge problem if the games had slight variations. Sadly, they don't, meaning you start to remember puzzles, and solve them before they've finished appearing on screen. Others, like the shooting galleries, are just dull to play more than once.

However, there's a few smart games in there. Especially one where you guide two prisoners through two different mazes, but at the same time using the same controls. There's also the rather smart idea of having sponsored puzzles, with links to other games from which the mini-game was sourced. A lot more of this, I'd suggest at least another 100 puzzles in the mix, and this would be recommended. As it is, it's simply a brief flitter.

None of which explains my pathetic need to be number 1 on the high score board, to the point where I played for the bulk of an hour, sighing at playing the same puzzle for the 14th time, and yet carrying on out of idiotic bloody-mindedness. To discover there's a position 0 above 1. I dare someone to have the stupid patience to beat me. Via the lovely bods at IndieGames.

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