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Armor King and Marduk come to Tekken 7 today (and Julia is on her way)

Long live the Kings

Marduk, the angry criminal who missed leg day, and Armor King, the only wrestler unsporting enough to wear chainmail to a fight, are coming to Tekken 7 today. A third knuckle cruncher is also coming some time later: native American Julia Chang, who has undergone a redesign and is now an ecologically-concerned streamer. The new biffers were announced by director Katsuhiro Harada at the Tekken World Tour grand finals, the culminating contest of a year-long punchathon. Tekken is a perfectly sane game full of sensible people, and the sportsmanship on display at the grand finals was admirable as the world’s best players fought for the champion’s trophy. A panda won.

But more on that later today. For now, let’s look at those new fighters.

Craig Marduk is a professional fist-fighter from Australia whose likes include “hurting people” and possibly “his parents”, according to the ever-useful Tekken wiki. He is a very irritable man, and has been known to murder. Here’s what he looks like in Tekken 7.

Good muscles. Next we have Armor King, who you may recognise as being the other wrestler in a jaguar mask, next to his pal and student, Vanilla King. Armor King was murdered by the aforementioned crime liker Craig Marduk in Tekken 4, so this is technically that wrestler’s younger brother, who is called Armor King II. These are fundamental Tekken facts that you must understand. Here is a video of the heterochromatic cat man in his latest form.

Season 2 pass holders will get these first two fighty men today. Sadly, there’s no footage of Julia Chang’s moves yet, as we're yet to learn more about the girl who wants to, let me see... "reforest Arizona". Strictly speaking, she has long been an eco-warrior, but now I guess she is livestreaming her efforts. Like a surprising number of adherents of the Iron Fist, her likes include "her mother". We haven’t been told when she is due to be added to Tekken 7 yet. Sorry, forest fans.

However, there was a trailer thingy for Negan, the previously announced crossover character from The Walking Dead, which I have stolen from GameSpot below. In some respects, seeing all-American goofball Paul Phoenix go tête-à-tête with a psychopathic killer from a zombie apocalypse does not make sense. But we were probably through the looking glass as soon as we began punching the literal devil. Anyway, it works as a showcase of Negan’s in-game baseball bat brawlin’.

Stay weird, Tekken.

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