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Humble selling best Telltale games for 15 smackeroos

$ Hot hot consumption $

Oh boy, have we got sales news for you, vast gaping maw of collective consumerism. Isn’t it a beautiful day for buying things? The Humbler Bundlers have put together a bunch of Telltale’s better games for $15. Yes, everyone has probably already got their critically acclaimed zombies ‘n’ conversation games based on the Walking Dead. But has everybody got Batman? Has everybody got Game of Thrones? Has everybody got…

*squints at notes*

“Bone: The Great Cow Race”?

In other words, there’s a fair smattering of the developer’s oeuvre, and more will be added next week. The average price will currently get you the likes of Tales from the Borderlands, the Michonne Walking Dead spin-off, some Sam and/or Max games, as well as some Poker games and a coupon for 50% off the latest zomboromp, Walking Dead: A New Frontier. Bump it up to the full $15 and you get Batman and Minecraft Story Mode.

It’s also worth saying, if you are one of the three people who hasn’t played the first season of the Walking Dead, you can get it for a single United States buck, even if you don't fancy the rest. That’s less than the price of a refreshing #Pepsi #Drink.

I haven't got much else to say other than to say it lasts until August 1 and to direct you to the Humble Bundle website where you can utilise your commercial leverage in a satisfactory fashion, valued customer of video games. Delicious content for the process of economic ingestion, it feels so good to purchase!


(Hello? Yes, it’s me. Yes, I think they bought it.

No, they don’t know part of the sales money goes to charities like Water Aid.

I think I was very convincing, yes.


Thank you…

...Mr President.)