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Telltale officially announce Guardians of the Galaxy

The trailer shows nothing

How do you feel about tape cassette players floating in space? Do they intrigue you? Are you interested in them? Would you like to play as one in a game? Telltale Games' upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy series is hitting digital shelves, so to speak, in 2017. Groot. Is that how I use that word?

As you can see in the teaser trailer, that's about all we have to go by at this point: a mix tape. Otherwise we can just make guesses based on the Guardians of the Galaxy comics and movies, which are about Star-Lord (a human), Rocket Raccoon (a talking raccoon), Groot (a talking tree) getting into scifi scrapes with various alien races and listening to old pop songs. Telltale remain pretty tight-lipped as to what of this we'll see in the game, but I'd guess it will reference the film everyone lost their collective minds over more than the comics. I still haven't seen it, but that's by choice. I'm interested in trying out the game, however, so I'm very much looking forward to being properly introduced to the characters when the property has been given the Telltale treatment.

The series will make its debut, like the previous Batman games, as a special season pass disc in the future as well with the first episode on a disc and access to further pieces of the story as each one is released. I just hope it's better than The Walking Dead's Michonne spinoff.

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