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Telltale's The Wolf Among Us is free on Epic for the next week

Now the sequel is back on...

If you've not played The Wolf Among Us and so don't quite get why folks are excited about last night's news that the sequel is back in development, good news: you can now get the original for free. It's the latest freebie offered by the Epic Games Store to overcome animosity, and it's a good'un. We declared Telltale's episodic urban fairytale detective story the best adventure of 2014, you know.

Based on Bill Willingham's comic series Fables, Wolfamongus is about the fairytale character who are real, actually, and had to flee to New York after their fantastical homelands were engulfed by war. I know how that sounds but: it is good. We play as Bigby, the pardoned and reformed Big Bad Wolf who's now sheriff of Fabletown, keeping troublemakers in line and making sure humankind doesn't learn that magical myths and legends live among them. It's a pretty grim existence, and gets more grim as Bigby investigates a string of crimes and conspiracy. He's a nice boy really.

You have until Thursday, December 19th to grab Wolfamongus free for keepsies on the Epic Games Store.

The Telltale Games making Wolfamongus 2 is not the Telltale Games who made the first game. That Telltale shut down and everyone lost their jobs. The new Telltale is an unrelated company which bought up a lot of Telltale's assets to rebuild and resume some of their work, with the help of actual Telltale folks when they can get it. Wolfamongus's lead writer, creative/game directors, and composer are onboard for the sequel. Fingers crossed, gang.

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The Wolf Among Us

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