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Temtem Crystle: location, how to evolve, full move set, and if you should catch it

Did you choose Crystle as your starter in Temtem? It's a fantastic option for new players, but did you know that they can be found out in the wild? You won't see them until the third island and they're found in a rather specific spot, but if you didn't get one to begin with, this Temtem is worth seeking.

Crystle Temtem

Temtem Crystle guide

For those who didn't pick it as their starter, our Crystle Temtem guide will show you the exact location you need to be in to hunt for Crystle. There will also be some descriptions about this creature's base stats, evolution details, and the vast number of Crystal type moves it has access to. There are quite a few Crystal types in the area you find this Temtem, so be sure to check out the rest of the Temtem list to see what else is available.

Temtem Crystle location map

Crystle location

This one is quite far into the Temtem Early Access campaign on Tucma, the third island. Crystle is in the south-western corner of the Mines of Mictlan.

You're in the right area when you approach Quezstal for the first time. I recommend that you only begin hunting for Crystle when you have recovered your stuff, as it could be difficult to hunt this Temtem without it. Just navigate to the northern part of the area to get it.

The other thing you should know is that this Temtem is very, very rare. In fact, I spotted three Gyalis, another seemingly rare Temtem found in the same area, before I encountered a single Crystle. Patience is most certainly required to catch this Temtem. It'll be between levels 28 and 30, and will know the moves Crystal Dust, Head Ram, Crystallize, and Crystal Spikes.

Crystle can also be found in Kupeleleza towards the eastern island covered in grass. It also has a low chance of appearing here, but it is also at a lower level (24-28), making evolving this Temtem a little easier.

How to evolve Crystle

To evolve Crystle, simply level up this Temtem 30 levels from the level you catch it.

Crystle and Sherald techniques

Crystle is a Crystal type Temtem, which is quite obvious given its name. It gets mostly defensive attacks to begin with, but at the levels you encounter it in the Mines of Mictlan, it has some very powerful Crystal type attacks. Learn how best to use them in our Temtem type chart guide.

As this Temtem evolves into Sherald, it also gains access to one more decent status increasing Crystal type move. The full list of moves that Crystle and Sherald can learn by level up are:

  • Lv1: Glass Blade
  • Lv3: Mirror Shell
  • Lv5: Nibble
  • Lv9: Crystal Dust
  • Lv16: Head Ram
  • Lv17: Crystallize
  • Lv27: Crystal Spikes
  • Lv35: Rampage
  • Lv45: Diamond Fort (Sherald only)

Crystle and Sherald courses

At this time, Crystle only has access to one course and it's one that it doesn't particularly benefit from all that much. Its location is in our Temtem Course locations guide. Sherald gets access to one more, but again, it's not all that useful to it. No doubt more will be added soon, but for now here's what Crystle can be taught with Technique Courses:

  • TC002: Stone Wall
  • TC011: Cage (Sherald only)

Crystle and Sherald strengths/weaknesses

Crystle has a rather balanced set of strengths and weaknesses. Here are the types you should be wary of when using Crystle or Sherald in battle:

  • Strong against: Electric, Mental, Toxic (1/2 resistance)
  • Weak to: Fire, Earth, Melee (2x resistance)

Temtem Crystle

Should Crystle be in my party?

If you followed my Temtem guide, then you should already know that Crystle is a great option for new players who want to take it easy. Its use does dwindle by the time you find it in the wild.

Having said that, its abilities are still very useful, particularly if you happen to evolve it into a Sherald with Mirroring as its ability. Each time it is hit by a Special move, it hurts the attacker for 25% knockback damage. Its base special defence stat isn't a lot to write home about, but its base defence stat is much better than a lot of Temtem. It also has gre

It's likely that Crystle would be a good ally to have on your team in the future, so it's worth snapping up and training one with good stats now while you can. If you chose it as your starter, you could hunt another one down for breeding, or one with better stats.

With that, this is everything you need to know about Crystle and why it's worth the effort to hunt one down. While you now know how Crystle evolves, it's worth checking the Temtem evolutions guide to see how many of the other Temtem can evolve.

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