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Temtem got a new island and bunch of new Tems to tame today

Along with a new chat feature so you can talk to the folks around you

New features, new monsters and, of course, a brand new island are what await you in Temtem today, as the Kisiwa Island update has arrived. Crema's early access Pokémon-like MMO has introduced a whole new area to explore, with 23 new Tems for you to add to your collection. There's a bunch of other good stuff in this update, too, including a new chat and club feature, as well as an increased level cap for all you seasoned Temtem tamers.

Here's the trailer - the devs do note that this has some spoilers for Kisiwa, so skip past it if you don't wanna see 'em.

Of course, the biggest part of the update brings in this new island, along with more Tems, techniques, traits and items to go with it. You'll be able to talk about it all more freely with the players around you now, too, as Crema have implemented a chat function. You'll have the option to chat with local players, just members of your club (more on that in a sec), or whisper to specific pals. With all this comes lots of safety features as well, so if people are bothering you there are lots of options to mute, block and report them if need be.

Now, about those clubs I just mentioned, those are a thing now and they're essentially Temtem's take on clans. It'll cost you Pansuns (Temtem's in-game currency) to create one, but anyone can start one up. You can have up to 50 players in your club, and you can even customise a nice banner that will be on display on members' profiles.

See the Kisiwa Update patch notes for more. It's out now, and Temtem is available in early access on Steam and Humble. Creme have said that with each update they'll slightly increase the price of the game, and with this one it's gone up from £28 to £30. It's worth noting that if you already own it you won't be made to pay that extra couple of quid.

If you're after some more info on what Temtem has in store for later this year, they released a couple of roadmaps back in February laying out their plans. We have Temtem guides aplenty, too, if you're new or returning to catch them Tems.

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