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Temtem Kinu: location, full move set, and why it's the ultimate support

Among the rarest Temtem in the game so far is Kinu. It's a Nature/Mental type whose moves aren't going to be damaging the opponent much. However, that isn't its role. Instead, Kinu is a fantastic support with healing and status inflicting moves that you should be pairing with your strongest attackers. But first you're going to have to find it.

Kinu Temtem

Temtem Kinu guide

By reading our Kinu guide for Temtem, you will learn where to find Kinu, and how best to use this very elusive Temtem as a great supporter for your team. There are plenty of attackers to pair with Kinu, so be sure to check out the rest of them in our Temtem list. For more tips and tricks for Temtem, head to our Temtem guide.  Kinu is very rare, but if you want to find the even rarer Luma variant, our Luma Temtem guide is the best place to start.

Temtem Kinu location

Kinu location

Kinu are found inside Giant Banyan in the Citerior Omninesia between level 24 and 28. It'll have access to the moves Hypnosis, Intimidation, Revitalize, and Beta Burst. However, you'll need to jump through a few hoops to even be able to encounter them. In order to find Kinu, there are a couple of conditions that have to be met:

  • You must have gained access to Omninesia.
  • You need to have defeated Clan Belsoto both in Giant Banyan and Anak Volcano.

Temtem Kinu Great Banyan location

Once you have ensured that you have saved Omninesia from the impending eruption of Anak Volcano, the Giant Banyan will be reopened. Inside you'll find the area covered in grass. The good news is that Kinu can be found on either floor. The bad news is that Kinu has a very low chance of appearing in the wild and a very low catch rate. Use Temcard+ for this one. There is currently no other place to find Kinu in the game, so make sure you nab one before venturing outside of Omninesia.

Kinu techniques

Kinu is a support-based Nature/Mental type with only a couple of damaging attacks. It does have a lot of ways to disrupt the enemy, or to restore the health and stamina of your team. These are the techniques that Kinu learns by levelling up or Breeding:

  • Breeding: Lullaby
  • Lv1: Scratch
  • Lv4: Sharp Leaf
  • Lv8: Hypnosis
  • Lv12: Intimidation
  • Lv18: Revitalize
  • Lv22: Beta Burst
  • Lv30: Gaia
  • Lv37: Lifeful Sap
  • Lv38: Sacrifice

Kinu courses

Kinu learns multiple technical courses, though the ones it learns in the Early Access build are all support moves. Courses are multi-use items that you can only find one copy of each one. We have a Temtem Course locations guide to help you locate them.

  • TC002: Stone Wall
  • TC003: Turbo Choreography
  • TC004: Wake Up
  • TC005: Misogi

Kinu strengths/weaknesses

  • Strong against: Neutral, Water, Nature, Earth, and Melee (1/2 resistance).
  • Weak to: Fire, Digital, Crystal, and Toxic (2x resistance).

Temtem Kinu

Should Kinu be in my party?

This largely depends on whether you are confident that you have one Temtem as your main attacker or not. Paired with a Nessla that's throwing Electric and Water attacks at the enemy that drain its stamina, it can keep it healthy and ensure that it doesn't faint. Bulkier Temtem like Oceara can also greatly benefit from its constant healing effects, while Shuine benefits greatly from the added support thanks to its lower defences and HP.

If you are not 100% confident that your team only needs the one attacker, then I'd recommend not using Kinu as it's not a great attacking Temtem. The only attack that does decent damage that it has is Beta Burst, which is alright if you don't already have a Barnshe in your team.

There we have it. That's everything you need to learn about Kinu and why you should definitely have one. While Kinu never evolves, you can check out our Temtem evolutions guide to see other Temtem that do evolve, as well as the rest of the currently available Temtem.

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