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Temtem Tuwai shrine locations: How to evolve Tuwai in Temtem

Learn how to evolve Tuwai and more about its special status

Want to know how to evolve Tuwai in Temtem? When you first start MMO creature-collector Temtem, you will receive a Temtem named Tuwai from the professor. Tuwai might seem like a regular tropical bird, but the professor states that there's more to it than meets the eye. It takes a while to fully realise that potential, but it is indeed true - Tuwai can evolve into six different Temtem of different types. If you've played Pokemon, Tuwai is Temtem's version of Eevee, and you'll need to hunt down and clear six different Shrines if you want to get every evolution.

In this guide, we'll break down each of Tuwai's evolutions in Temtem and explain how to get each Tuwai evolution. We'll also explain where you can catch more Tuwai if you want every evolution.

Temtem Tuwai evolutions

Tuwai has six evolutions, which we'll quickly list below along with their types:

  • Tuvine (Crystal)
  • Tukai (Water)
  • Turoc (Earth)
  • Tulcan (Fire)
  • Tuwire (Digital)
  • Tutsu (Melee)

Below, we'll explain how to get each evolution.

How to evolve Tuwai into Tuvine

To get Tuvine, you must wait until you reach Tucma Island. There, you can find the Crystal Shrine to the East of the Corrupted Badlands. To reach the Crystal Shrine, you'll first need to head to the island of Tucma and meet Valentina on the Western-most rock (using the Rock-Hopping Hook).

She is a Temtem tamer who will give you the "Cultist Hunt" quest. Get the quest and head back to the research facility (this is a good chance to upgrade your surfboard if you haven't already). There, you'll need to swap your whole party to Crystal types. Dual types are allowed, but I recommend that you spend some time training some Crystal type Temtem before attempting this.

From the research facility, surf east until you hit the wall, then surf to the south to reach the bottom of the Corrupted Badlands. You only have a few patches of grass to wade through towards the east until you find the hop point. Follow the hop points until you find a bunch of cultists in robes. You need to fight all three cultists to the sides before you can take on their "leader". They will not fight you unless all of your Temtem are crystal type.

Once you've beaten their leader, Chalualt, you are free to go into the shrine. Use a smoke bomb to return to a nearby Temporium, swap Tuwai back into your party, and venture back to the Crystal Shrine. Once you arrive, interact with the shrine and select Tuwai. It will evolve into Tuvine.

How to evolve Tuwai into Tukai

To get Tukai, you must reach Kisiwa and get the Gravitonic Piolets in the Battle of Kisiwa quest. This allows you to climb rock faces, which you'll need to do if you want to reach the Water Shrine. When you have this gear, head back to Deniz, where you live right at the start of the game, and switch your party to consist of only Water type Temtem.

Similar to the process you followed to get Tuvine, you must fight a series of cult members using Water type Temtem before you can reach the Water Shrine. Head to the Aguamarina Cave (where you can catch Oceara) and climb the rock face in the waterfall room. At the top, you'll find Dabmis' Rest. Fight the cult members here and proceed to the Water Shrine at the end to evolve Tuwai into Tukai.

How to evolve Tuwai into Turoc

To evolve Tuwai into Turoc, you must complete the Kisiwa main story and then return to the town of Uhuru. Before venturing further, head to a Temporium and switch your party to all Earth type Temtem. From there, follow the steps South until you reach the beachfront, and then go West across a small patch of the Moyo Lake and into Tasa Desert. Head to the Southeast corner and enter Chini Grotto.

In Chini Grotto, follow the path East and enter a room that is completely dark. You want to head to the Eastern edge of this dark chamber until you find an exit that leads into the Earth Shrine. Defeat the cultist members and then return to the Temporium to get your Tuwai. Take Tuwai back to the Earth Shrine and interact with the pedestal to get Turoc.

How to evolve Tuwai into Tulcan

To evolve Tuwai into Tulcan, you must go to the Fire Shrine in Anak Volcano. However, you'll need to get the Crystal Skates from the Cipanku Island main quest beforehand, as these allow you to fully traverse the Volcano.

After getting the skates, venture back to Anak Volcano in Omninesia and make your way around the winding path at the base level until you reach a climbable rock face. Scale it and enter the door ahead, and then immediately turn and enter the door to the left. This will take you to the Fire Shrine, where you'll need to fight a bunch of cult members using solely - you guessed it - Fire type Temtem.

Once you've defeated the cultists, simply grab a Tuwai and make your way up to the Fire Shrine. Interact with the Shrine to evolve Tuwai into Tulcan.

How to evolve Tuwai into Tuwire

To evolve Tuwai into Tuwire, you'll need to complete the Angry Kami sidequest for Yoko, found on the North side of Neoedo town. After getting the quest, venture to the Pillars of Highabove and find the Hermit. They will order you to get a Barrel of Sake from the nearby store, which you can then give to Yoko as an offering.

After completing this step, you can enter the Neodeo Shrine. To proceed, you must form a Digital type Temtem party and beat the cultists within. After defeating the cultists, you can take Tuwai into the Digital Shrine and interact with it to evolve Tuwai into Tuwire.

How to evolve Tuwai into Tutsu

To evolve Tuwai into Tutsu, the final of the six possible evolutions, you must head to the Melee Shrine in Arbury. You can't do this until the entire main story is complete, so wrap up any final main quests you have lingering in your quest log first. When you're ready, head to Arbury and go to the Northwest section to find the Chieftain's Barrow.

To clear the Melee Shrine, you must fight through the cultists within using Melee type Temtem. Like the other Shrines, the fights here are incredibly tough, so you'll need to raise some powerful Temtem if you want to survive. Once the cultists are defeated, grab a Tuwai and head back to the Melee Shrine. Interact with it to evolve Tuwai into Tutsu.

Tuwai location: Where to catch Tuwai in Temtem

If you want to find a wild Tuwai, you must head to any of the Shrines listed above. There, you can find wild Tuwai at a very low level. Simply catch a few using a Temcard and you'll be able to get a party consisting of all six Tuwai evolutions.

Since you can catch Tuwai at each Shrine, you could technically run through each Shrine while defeating cult members with a spare slot in your party. Then, catch a Tuwai at the Shrine and evolve it immediately. This will save you some time, as you won't need to backtrack each time you reach a Shrine.

That wraps up our guide on how to evolve Tuwai into each and every evolution. If you're considering using a specific Tuwai evolution to fill a gap in your party, check out our Temtem type chart to see which types you might need. If you're still trying to clear the main story, take a look at our list of every Temtem Dojo. If you want to learn about every Temtem and how to get them, check out our full list of every Temtem.

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