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Temtem Tuwai: shrine locations, how to evolve into Tuvine, Tukai, or Turoc

While you're given this Temtem at the very start of the game, there's more to Tuwai than meets the eye. If you're familiar with Pokémon, you'll know that Eevee can evolve into multiple different forms. Tuwai is the same, but the steps involved are a little more complicated than it would initially seem.

Tuwai's Tempedia entry

Temtem Tuwai guide

Our Tuwai Temtem guide has everything you need to know about this bird Temtem. While you get one at the beginning of the game, there is a specific location you can find it in the wild. We will also tell you about its base stats, the moves it has access to, and the steps you need to take to evolve it into the powerful Tuvine. Be sure to check out the rest of the Temtem list to see what else is available.

Tuwai's location in Temtem

Tuwai location

If you want to find a wild Tuwai, you're going to have to jump through a lot of hoops. Wild Tuwai can be found near the Crystal Shrine east of the Corrupted Badlands, which is on Tucma island. Finding it will not be easy and requires you to have a few things:

  • You need to have beaten the third dojo.
  • You need to have obtained the Rock-Hopping Hook.
  • I also recommend that you have acid-proofed your surfboard.

Temtem Crystal Shrine Valentina location

Above is a map with the location for the beginning of the side-quest "Cultist Hunt". You'll need to find a Temtem tamer called Valentina to begin the quest. To get there, just follow the steps from the healing station south of the entrance to Queztal:

  1. Hop south.
  2. Cross the grass and hop south-east.
  3. Take the hop point to the west.
  4. Cross the grass and hop to the west.
  5. Cross the grass and head south, circling around until you find a hop point to the east.
  6. Take the northern fork.
  7. Cross the grass and hop to the north-west.
  8. Take the south-western hop point.
  9. Cross the grass and head to the north-west.
  10. Hop to the west once more to reach Valentina.

After battling the two Temtem Tamers , you'll be spoken to by Valentina, who wants you to find a bunch of cultists that only use crystal type Temtem. I highly recommend at this point that you upgrade the surfboard so that it can float on the acid water, as it will make backtracking a little easier.

Head back across the Xolot Reservoir until you reach the research facility. It's here that by speaking to the scientist that you can upgrade the surfboard so it floats on acid water. At this point, you have to change your party to that every member is at least a crystal type. Dual types are allowed, but I recommend that you spend some time training some Crystal type Temtem before attempting this.

From the research facility, surf east until you hit the wall, then surf to the south to reach the bottom of the Corrupted Badlands. You only have a few patches of grass to wade through towards the east until you find the hop point. Follow the hop points until you find a bunch of cultists in robes. You need to fight all three cultists to the sides before you can take on their "leader". They will not fight you unless all of your Temtem are crystal type.

Here are their teams:

Sons of the Crystal teams

Son of the Crystal AcolyteSon of the Crystal ZealotSon of the Crystal BelieverSon of the Crystal leader Chahualt
Lapinite (Lv33)Sherald (Lv34)Shuine (Lv42)Sherald (Lv38)
Crystle (Lv33)Valash (Lv33)Azuroc (Lv41)Zenoreth (Lv40)
Bunbun (Lv32)Myx (Lv33)Mudrid (Lv42)Mudrid (Lv44)
Occlura (Lv34)Gyalis (Lv33)Myx (Lv40)
Gyalis (Lv44)

Your biggest threats that you'll be facing will be Bunbun and Mudrid for all the teams. Earth is super effective against crystal, so you'll want to take them out as soon as possible. If you have a Shuine in your party, then using strong water attacks can wash away these mud rabbits. I'd also recommend investing some time in training up Valash and a Bunbun/Mudrid or two.

Once you've beaten their leader Chalualt, you are free to go into the shrine. I'd hold off on this and just use a Smoke Bomb. It'll teleport you back to the last visited healing station. Switch your team back to your regular party, then head back to the Crystal Shrine. I suggest you do this because there are only two types of Temtem that spawn here. The first, and most dangerous, are the Level 50-55 Zenoreth. The second are the infinitely more manageable Level 5-10 Tuwai which can know the following moves, depending on what level it is: Peck, Wind Blade, Shrill Voice, and Feather Gatling.

I recommend that you spend a little bit of time now catching two more Tuwai as the full game will bring a couple more evolutions for Tuwai. It's also worth noting that returning to Valentina and talking to her will net you a Sweatband, which is a very useful gear item. Find out more about it in our Temtem gear locations guide.

Tuwai evolving into Tuvine in Temtem

How to evolve Tuwai into Tuvine

Tuwai has three evolutions: Tuvine, Tukai, and Turoc. Here's how to evolve all three.

Crystal Shrine - Tuvine

The good news for Tuvine is that you're probably 99% of the way through the steps required to evolve Tuwai into Tuvine if you decided to complete the "Cultist Hunt" side-quest using the steps above. Return to the Crystal Shrine area with a Tuwai in your party. Once here, interact with the shrine and select Tuwai. It will evolve into Tuvine. There is no reason not to evolve it as it still learns moves at the same rate as Tuwai does.

Water Shrine - Tukai

To get Tukai, once you've completed the main story (after the council meeting), head to the north-western point of the desert and speak to the old man. He'll ask you to go get a book from the town to the east. Head there and into the bookshop to find the tome. Here you'll get the location of the Cult of the Sea Queen. Head back to Deniz and make sure you have only water Temtem in your party before heading into the waterfall via the river in the east of the region.

Follow the question mark to the north-west and enter the only door you can enter with a "?" on it. Slide across the crystal and aim to get to the southern route. Climb up the waterfall in the next room and battle the cultists there.

If you only have Water Temtem, you can challenge the cultists here. They are very high levelled and incredibly tough to defeat with the restrictions, so try to have dual types to compensate for the handicap. Nessla is a great option as electric will deal with most of the threats. Just make sure you have a lot of healing items and revives to hand as you'll likely need to spend turns reviving your party. Interact with the shine ahead while having a Tuwai in your party to evolve it into Tukai.

Earth Shrine - Turoc

As for Turoc, you'll need to Chini Grotto after getting rid of the invading Clan Belsoto. The path to the right should now be unblocked, so head inside and all the way across the dark path (heading south-east from the room with the three items) to find the cultists. My recommendation to find the path is to have a scent activated to reduce encounters and to squint at both the map and the path to see it as it's barely visible.

Since they're of earth types, make sure your party only has earth types. Dual types with earth in them work just as well. They are just as high levelled as the cultists in Deniz, so train your Temtem up and have plenty of healing items on you. Interact with the shrine with a Tuwai in your party to evolve it into Turoc.

Temtem battle against a Lolai with Tuwaii and Ganki in the party.

Should Tuwai or its evolutions be in my party?

For the early game, Tuwai is very useful. It has moves that attack multiple Temtem and they don't cost a huge amount of stamina. The downside for this Temtem is that the base stats are rather middling, with stamina, defence and special defence being its worst stats. If you can cope with that, then the fact Tuwai is only weak to electric types will prove invaluable in the early game.

Evolving it into Tuvine gives you a very defensive Temtem. It has the highest base defence stat in the game and gains the crystal type. By turning into a part crystal type Temtem, it also gains access to some new attacks, but also a new set of weaknesses. Tuvine also doesn't learn a lot of crystal type attacks until quite late on, but one is the incredibly powerful Crystal Plume Gatling, which only Tuvine can learn.

The same can be said for the other two types as well. Tukai gains the water type while Turoc gains the earth type, together with some unique attacks. There are some more specialist Temtem out there that are better for your party, but if you're struggling to get a decent party together, then by all means have Tuwai or its evolutions in your squad.

That's everything we know about Tuwai and its evolutions. It is well worth hunting multiple copies of as it is currently the only Temtem that could evolve into multiple Temtem. There are a large number of Temtem that are already in the game, each with their own evolution methods. You can visit the Temtem evolutions guide to see more on that.

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