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Tendril In The Heart: Prototype 2

I barely played the first Prototype, so when it comes to the sequel anything plot-related is a bit hazy. Angry men are killing each other with appendages they should not have, that much is clear, but what about the soldiers caught in the middle of it all? Do they deserve to be torn asunder? Judging by this latest trailer, they sure do, casually shooting defenseless animals and then snickering about it. And if you don't want trouble, don't hang around with a bunch of tanks and guns in a place called The Red Zone. Leave the weaponry at home and stick to The Mauve Zone, or even the pedestrianised zone, it's hard to imagine all this mayhem going on there.

The beginning reminds me of Diablo's intro, but this is more extreme because not only has a man become a bird-buffet, it turns out the bird is some sort of mutant, with orange tendons or somesuch. And then, to fully deck out the platter made entirely of edges, a soldier shoots the bird and gobbets of blood splatter all over the camera.

It's the arrival of the game's new protagonist, James Heller, that really seals the deal though. I'm going to describe what he's doing as 'fist-surfing across a skyscraper while going 'hruuurgh' and grimacing'. Accurate? I half-expected him to play a guitar solo when he landed, blowing out some giant amps that were erupting from his biceps.

Violent behaviour this preposterous simply becomes comedic to me but that makes me want to play the game all the more. Forget the melodrama and the soul-searching, just let me throw vehicles at people and then people at vehicles, while sprouting deadly tendrils. With this and The Darkness 2 upcoming, being the victim of severely unpleasant body-horror is starting to look more and more like an appealing career path.

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