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TERA's High Elves Say Hi

Or perhaps "greetings" followed by a bow, a graceful flourish, and a knowing air of superiority. Something suitably elfish. I don't really know what they say, but - thanks to a new trailer - I've seen them do their pointy eared thing, and I can safely say that they are, in fact, elves. You know the drill: fleet-footed battle prancing, slow-mo flips and twists, and female attire that'd prove woefully inadequate in any battle involving ordinances more powerful than bath foam. It all looks nicely fast-paced and heavy hitting, though. Check out the trailer in this post's southern reaches, where mortal men fear to tread.

TERA's out on May 3. I was just informed that its full title is actually "The Exiled Realm Of Arborea", which doesn't roll off the tongue so much as it trips, stumbles into traffic, narrowly avoids an oncoming 18-wheeler, and then falls into the active volcano the one-way straight was for some reason precariously situated on top of. So yeah, "TERA" was the right choice. As for the game proper, I'm interested, though wary of the same old MMO grind merely prancing about in a snazzy new battle system. Has anyone played the closed beta yet? How's the longevity on this one?

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