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Terraria has yet another update coming, those filthy liars

'Labor Of Love' update announced

In May 2020, the makers of Terraria released its final major update, appropriately named Journey's End. Then they followed it up with the Journey's Actual End update a few months after that. Then a Don't Starve crossover update last year. They're filthy rotten liars, I'm saying, and what wonderful liars. They've now announced another upcoming update, named Labor Of Love after the Steam Award they won for their ongoing support. Fair does!

The developers, Re-Logic teamed up with Terraria YouTuber "ChippyGaming" to announce Update 1.4.4, aka Labor Of Love.

Chippy explains that it will bring buffs to weapons including the Dark Lance, Frostbrand, Flairon, Scourge Of The Corruptor, and Star Wrath. A variety of loot sources will become more generous too, including rare Pirate Drops and chances of extra furtniture drops from Angler Quests. New items are coming too, though the only one revealed so far is the Resplendent Dessert, which lets you have both Royal Slime pets out at once. Presumably we'll hear more about additions and changes as the Labor Of Love patch approaches.

Terraria won 'Labor Of Love' in the 2021 Steam Award, a category for games which have been out for a while but still receive care and attention from the devs. After being nominated by fans, it went up against No Man's Sky, Rust, Dota 2, and Apex Legends in a public vote to claim the award.

"We know it is 100% due to your loyal support of our team and game over the years, and it is truly a pleasure to be able to work on an amazing game such as Terraria and then to share it with all of you," the devs said. They have more plans, too.

"We look forward to an even brighter future ahead - with Steam Deck optimisations, content parity for all platforms, and (hopefully, fingers crossed!) crossplay later this year. Journey's End may have arrived, but it sure feels like just the beginning to us," they said in that January post. And that was before they announced this whole other update.

We've declared Terraria one of the best survival games (whatever that term means) as well as one of the best games like Minecraft (more apt).

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