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Terraria Liiiiiiiiiiives: Long-Awaited 1.2 Update Trailered

Bee monsters! Penguins! Rain!

Once upon a time, Terraria died. The end. That is roughly how I hope my posthumous biography is written, only my name is Nathan. I also hope my tale continues like this: But then, as if by sorcery or some really cool-looking robot parts, Terraria/Nathan sprang out of the grave and dredged up all sorts of crazy new features like a giant bee. Also penguins. That, however, is only the tip of the iceberg. Despite its diminutive numerical status, 1.2 is apparently a massive update, bringing with it copious new mechanics, enemies, menus, items, pets, and more. Dig into the loamy depths below for a highly enticing trailer.

Here is just a small portion of what you can look forward to, per the Terrarian Times:

"Terrarians will encounter many new items, enemies, mechanics and challenges, to speak nothing of bosses and biomes. A lot’s been confirmed so far. For builders, there’s furniture, materials (rainbow bricks and shadewood), design tiles and banners (and campfires). Combat enthusiasts can look forward to beam swords, cannons, Hammush (Legend of Maxx reference!), snowballs, shields and traps. All tinkerers can rejoice at accessories, active and inactive versions of every block and wire fixes and enhancements."

"Apparel has also changed: vanity-wise, expect Egyptian, Eskimo, fairy and steampunk outfits; whereas armor can now be dyed and has grown to include snow and cactus sets. There’ll be different mobs and variations on old ones (non-mechanical bosses with unique AI; clown bombs won’t destroy tiles anymore) as well as appearing with health bars (with the suggestion that the on-screen reminders be toggled). Regarding mechanics: players will be able to automatically walk up half blocks and one block high tiles; PvP will be tweaked; and Hardmode will undergo changes, not just limited to the spread of corruption and hallow."

And that's to say nothing of revamped character menus, rain, pets, mounts, and heaps of other goodies. Developer Andrew Spinks may have thrown his community into quite a tizzy when he took a (much deserved) break last year, but it looks like he made it well worth their while.

The new update will be out for free on October 1st. And after that? Who knows. Maybe Terraria will snuggle up beneath its nice, warm tombstone once more, or perhaps Spinks and the team will pile on even more bits and bobs. There is, after all, another "even better" project percolating around in Spinks' brain, so maybe it's nearly time to seek out greener pastures again. For now, though, hooray, more Terraria! Who thinks this update looks like the (gigantic, entirely horrifying) bee monster's knees?

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