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TerroHunt Co-op Returns In Rainbow Six: Siege

Murder with friends

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege [official site] might not be a serious, slow affair like Rainbow Six games of yore, but it is at least bringing back some old favourites. The Terrorist Hunt co-op side will return when the supercop FPS launches in October, Ubisoft announced tonight during its E3 show. It'll have a scenario-based single-player campaign too. What had seemed an interesting but limited competitive multiplayer FPS now sounds a whole lot more enticing. Come, look, Ubisoft made moving pictures about these things.

Along with a mode called Classic TerroHunt, the co-op side will offer modes like having to breach fortified areas to disarm bombs and one where you need to protect an NPC from AI trying to assassinate it. Sounds good, that. It'll have matchmaking if you don't have chums. If you don't want to play with anyone at all, TerroHunt can be played on your lonesome, or there's always the campaign. Here's a new trailer going into that a bit:

Yes, that is Angela Bassett. You can see her palling around with Aisha Tyler during Ubisoft's streamed event (skip to 1:09:15 if that link doesn't take you there). There's also supposedly live gameplay of TerroHunt after that, which is surely more fun to watch than the swished-up trailer.

The game's due on October 13th.

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