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TF2 Medic Unlock Scrapped?

Remember that Team Fortress 2 Medic Overhealer unlockable we were all waiting for? The one that let the good Doktor double his buddies' maximum health, at the expense of uber-charges? Oh, how I dreamed of a Heavy resistant to a Sniper's headshot.

It is not to be, at least if this post on the Steam forums is true.

No details on the Pyro’s unlockable weapons yet, sorry. We’re still focusing on the Medic, and the underlying system. Your fire axe will be happy to hear that the Overhealer didn’t work out as well as we wanted it to, and won’t be making an appearance.

So, apparently, says TF2 co-overlord Robin Walker, though there's no official statement yet. It's all too easy to imagine that Heavies and Soldiers rushing around with double-health presented an unstoppable force, but I do feel a little pang at having to remain Sniper bait.

Presumably a different unlock is planned. Care to speculate upon what it could be? I bet you do.

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