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TFT 9.24 patch notes

It's been a while since the big TFT purge, but we've seen some interesting developments with the meta - mostly the dominance of a particular hyper-roll build. The next patch should be arriving within the next day or so, and there are hints that this patch will address the balance by nerfing key champions of the "Eggroll comp". Here are some things potentially coming in the TFT 9.24 patch notes, as well as the full 9.23 patch notes for those wanting to keep up t0 date.

TFT patch notes guide

Our TFT patch notes guide will go over the big alterations that came in patch 9.24, such as the new champions and trait, and the rest of the balance changes.

We are currently in the process of updating all of our Teamfight Tactics guides in preparation for the new TFT season in mid-March. Please bear with us as we update our guides.


tft 9.24

TFT 9.24 patch notes

The TFT patch notes 9.24 add the last major updates for TFT until 2020 and there are some big changes. Soulbound is now in the game, along with three new champions, and a huge amount of changes to existing characters. There is also a lot of ability balancing going on that you'll need to be aware of. The full TFT 9.24 patch notes can be found here, but we'll summarise the changes below:

tft soulbound

TFT 9.24 - Soulbound

With a few new champions coming to TFT patch 9.24 as mentioned in Riot's news post, there is also a new trait. Two of the new champions will have the new class - Soulbound, which has the following effect:

  • Soulbound (2): The first Soulbound unit to die in a round will instead enter the Spirit Realm, becoming untargetable and continuing to fight as long as another Soulbound unit is alive.

TFT 9.24 - New champions

Lucian isn't exactly "new", but he is returning to TFT after being culled in the Set 2 purge and he's bringing his partner Senna along for the ride. On top of that, we also have a new Inferno/Warden called Amumu, who is also brand new to the game. Below are their full stats:


  • Cost: 2
  • Origin: Shadow
  • Class: Soulbound
  • Ability: Piercing Darkness - Senna fires a beam through her furthest ally, dealing 50/100/150 magic damage to enemies, and buffing allies' on-hits for 5 seconds to deal 25/45/65 magic damage from Senna.


  • Cost: 4
  • Origin: Light
  • Class: Soulbound
  • Ability: The Culling - Lucian fires at 4 times his normal Attacks Per Second in a direction for 4 seconds, each attacking for 20/30/50% of his AD, applying on-hits, and dealing 30/40/50 magic damage.


  • Cost: 5
  • Origin: Inferno
  • Class: Warden
  • Ability: Curse of the Sad Mummy - Amumu’s rage explodes, dealing 250/500/1337 magic damage to enemies within 2/3/4 Hexes, and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.

TFT placing champions

Systems - TFT 9.24 patch notes

With the system updates for TFT, the focus seems to be on the updated level bar and a couple of new buttons to make switching between screens easier. There's a post explaining these changes.

  • Hovering the "Buy XP" tooltip now displays how much gold you need to hit your next level.
  • Now displays your current level and XP progress.
  • Now displays the drop rates for different tiers based on your level.
  • Flipped the locations of the buy XP and refresh buttons. Careful with this one.
  • The "Home Button" appears when you’re scouting on other players' boards or the carousel and can be used to quickly return to your home board.
  • The "Carousel Button" takes you back to the carousel when looking anywhere else during the shared draft.


TFT traits

Traits - TFT 9.24 patch notes

These are the biggest amount of changes to traits since the 9.22 overhaul. Inferno and Rangers have the most amount of changes, while Senna's inclusion adds more to the Shadow trait. The rest of the balance changes seem to be increasing the effectiveness of some unpopular traits and decreasing the dominance of the most used traits. For the full up-to-date list, we've put a link to our TFT synergies guide to detail all of the changes.

  • Berserker skill (6): Now additionally grants all Berserkers +25 Attack Damage.
  • Cloud dodge chance: 15/20/30% ⇒ 20/25/35%
  • Electric damage: 70/250/500 ⇒ 100/300/500
  • Inferno effect triggers: On spell damage ⇒ On spell damage and critical strikes
  • Inferno bonus damage: 80%/175%/250% over 5 seconds ⇒ 70%/120%/180% over 4 seconds
  • Inferno hexes on fire: 1/1/1 ⇒ 1/3/5
  • Light attack speed bonus: 10/20/35% ⇒ 15/25/35%
  • Ocean mana regen: 15/35/60 ⇒ 15/30/60
  • Ranger skill (2): Chance to activate Attack Speed bonus: 30% ⇒ 35%
  • Ranger skill (4): Chance to activate Attack Speed bonus: 65% ⇒ 80%
  • Ranger skill (6): 100% chance to activate a 2.5x Attack Speed Bonus.
  • Summoner bonus duration & health: 40%/100% ⇒ 30%/120%

Shadow trait changes

  • Now a 3/6 bonus.
  • Shadow champions gain bonus damage for 4 seconds. Resets when they participate in a takedown.
  • (3) +70% damage
  • (6) +140% damage and resets when any shadow champion gets a takedown.

It's down to the final two and plenty of spells are being flung at each champion.

Champions - TFT 9.24 patch notes

It seems that Riot have cottoned onto making champion updates a bit easier to read. There are fewer changes, but the TFT 9.24 patch notes, but the changes found seem to be trying to nerf a bunch of commonly used champions while improving those that don't see as much play. If you'd rather just get the full stats for every champion that's up-to-date, just check out our TFT champions tier list guide instead.

Champion updates - Tier 1

  • Ivern Shield: 200/350/500 ⇒ 200/300/400
  • Maokai Passive Heal: 100/175/250 ⇒ 100/150/200
  • Renekton Spell Healing: 150/250/350 ⇒ 150/225/300

Champion updates - Tier 2

  • Neeko ability range: 2 ⇒ 3
  • Yasuo attack damage: 55 ⇒ 60

Champion updates - Tier 3

  • Aatrox total mana: 85 ⇒ 70
  • Sivir attack damage: 50 ⇒ 55
  • Soraka attack range: 2 ⇒ 3
  • Soraka attack speed: 0.65 ⇒ 0.7

Champion updates - Tier 4

  • Annie (Tibbers health): 2200 ⇒ 2000
  • Annie (Tibbers armor): 40 ⇒ 30
  • Brand ability damage: 250/325/400 ⇒ 225/300/600
  • Malphite ability damage: 125/200/275 ⇒ 150/300/1000
  • Yorick ghoul health: 600/1000/1400 ⇒ 600/1000/2000

Champion updates - Tier 5

  • Singed ability damage: 200/400/2000 ⇒ 150/300/2000
  • Taric total mana: 150 ⇒ 125

Champion updates - Tier 7

  • Lux Total Mana: 85 ⇒ 80
  • Lux Ability Damage: 500/800/9999 ⇒ 600/900/9999

Dragging a second basic item over a champion with the first one will show you the item that both items will turn into.

Items - TFT patch 9.24 patch notes

Once again, there haven't been as many updates in the TFT 9.24 patch notes to items. That said, there are some important changes to how items appear in-game on Dragons and Rift Heralds. You can get the full up-to-date stats in our TFT items cheat sheet guide.

Giant Slayer

  • Damage: 8% ⇒ 9%

Phantom Dancer

  • Phantom Dancer now only negates the bonus damage from critical strikes, rather than dodging the entire attack. This change will not be reflected in the PD tooltip until patch 10.1.

Item drops on Dragon/Rift Herald

  • Reduced the likelihood of class items appearing on Dragon.
  • Re-enabled a bunch of items to drop from Dragons/Rift Herald again. Now only Thieves Gloves, Force of Nature, and Titanic Hydra will not drop.

TFT set 2 combat

Bugfixes - TFT patch 9.24 patch notes

There were also a lot of bug fixes that came with TFT patch 9.24. Here is the full list of what was fixed:

  • Fixed a ranked bug where getting 0LP for a fourth place finish would result in a demotion. Getting 4th place will now always grant at least 1LP.
  • Fixed Taliyah’s tooltip to say she targets a random enemy, and to include the stun duration.
  • Fixed a bug where every Lux except Light had 10 more base AD than intended.
  • Fixed a bug where Yasuo took too long to reach his hex and resume attacking as his R ended.
  • Fixed some of the loading screen tips to be more...up to date.
  • Fixed a bug where Twitch’s Spray and Pray would stop working after cast if he was equipped with Runaan’s Hurricane
  • Fixed Renekton’s ability tooltip to properly say it deals magic damage
  • Fixed a bug where occasionally Skarner’s shield would persist across rounds
  • Fixed Inferno damage zones being created when Zyra plants expire
  • Fixed a bug where continuously applying Red Buff or Morellos burn for more than 10 seconds would cause the anti-healing to no longer affect the target
  • Fixed a bug where you could get double the health bonus from Earth Hexes.

Previous TFT patches

Not that it's all that relevant now since they changed the entire game, but if you would like to know how things have changed since TFT's inception, here are the previous patch notes in full. We've put Set 1 in its own section as you may find the origins of some of the item changes here.

TFT set 2 patch notes

TFT set 1 patch notes

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