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Thank you and farewell to RPS vid bud Colm Ahern

Steven Spielberg finally answered his phone

As PC Gaming Weekspot viewers will no doubt already know, the time has come to bid farewell to RPS vid bud Colm Ahern. He leaves us this week for pastures new, leaving behind the world of video games journalism for a new and exciting role at a video games publisher. He will be greatly missed, so come and say goodbye to him below.

There's no denying the RPS video team has had a pretty rough time over the last 18 months. When Colm joined us in April 2020, he did so as the third member of our video squad, working alongside fellow vid buds Matthew Castle and Alice Liguori (RPS in peace) to carry on producing the top quality video reviews and raucous livestream bants our YouTube channel was known for. He also proved to be a dab hand at animating cartoon dogs playing a flute, birthing a new series of music quizzes in the process.

Alas, after some sad and unexpected departures, Colm quickly became the sole remaining member of the RPS video team, all while facing quite a different job to the one we originally hired him for - creating videos that would now live on the site rather than YouTube.

To his outstanding credit, Colm took all these changes in his stride, and he leaves behind a video legacy I'm immensely proud of. Not only has he created some much beloved video series over the past year and a bit, including the ever excellent Mystery Steam Reviews and The PC Gaming Weekspot, but he's also made us all sound 200% more intelligent when chatting to us about our favourite things in games and editing our podcasts - something I'll be forever grateful for as a frequent umm-er and ahhh-er.

Colm has also done incredible work organising our RPS Live and Indies Uncovered livestreams at various incarnations of EGX, Rezzed and PAX during his time with us - and these, too, were often put together under very difficult circumstances. But time and again, Colm went above and beyond the call of duty to produce amazing line-ups of indie games, and he leaves very big shoes to fill for the person who's going to be stepping into them next.

That's right. The role of RPS vid bud isn't going anywhere. Applications for RPS' new video producer / editor are open now, so if you think you've got what it takes to be the next leader of RPS video, then we'd love to hear from you.

For now, though, please join me in wishing Colm all the best for the future by jumping into the comments below, bellowing an emphatic "DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!" and sharing your favourite vid bud moments.

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