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The Ascent's patch is causing issues for players on Game Pass

Stuttering but with a possible workaround

The Ascent's first major patch brought stability fixes and ray tracing to the Windows 10 version of the game earlier this week, in line with an earlier Steam patch. Unfortunately it looks like it's also brought new stability and performance issues for a number of players on the Game Pass version.

Eurogamer report that several users on The Ascent's Reddit are complaining of stuttering and lost cyberdeck functions in the Game Pass version of the game after the patch.

Another Reddit user has a suggested workaround. It looks as if The Ascent is defaulting to enabling ray tracing features, even in cases where the player has a graphics card that can't use them. If the player is running the game with DirectX 11, the ray tracing options are then disabled in the menu, so they can't be turned off. Enabling DX12 and then turning off ray tracing is reportedly fixing the issue for some.

Ed enjoyed his time with the cyberpunk shooter, as explained in his The Ascent review. He felt it had a slow start and felt repetitive, but that once you'd unlocked more powerful and interesting weapons, smashing through cybergrunts as a grand time. It's also staggeringly pretty - which is why all this ray tracing stuff is actually relevant for a change.

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