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The Banner Saga 3 fights forever in Eternal Arena DLC

Sundr? I hardly knew 'er!

Stoic finished telling their Viking-y fantasy tale earlier this year with The Banner Saga 3, and now only violence remains. Yesterday they launched the turn-based tactical RPG's Eternal Arena DLC, letting players fight on and on in customisable sandbox battles. All the game's heroes, villains, and maps are yours to toy with, and it has a weekly challenge with leaderboards too. Eternal Arena is probably the Varl's idea of heaven, though probably less so for the weary humans of the deathmarch caravans. The DLC is free for Banner Saga 3 Kickstarter backers, because it was a stretch goal, and a couple quid for everyone else.

As the DLC's trailer demonstrates, Eternal Arena is a pure fightmode which lets us tinker with the setup of everything:

The Banner Saga 3 is a game I dig more for the story than its combat, even in its third iteration, and Katharine agreed in our The Banner Saga 3 review.

"As much as it feels genuinely refreshing for the first few hours, you soon realise you're being hounded by the same half dozen or so enemy types every fight, and it all becomes a bit of a drag," she said. But the options of Eternal Arena could create some more interesting--and unique--scenarios. And maybe you just really wanna fight?

Eternal Arena is £3.74/€4.99/$4.99 on Steam and GOG. If you backed the Kickstarter to get the game, you should now see the DLC added automatically to your library.

"The fans and backers have been an integral part of helping us deliver this game so we're thrilled to introduce the last stretch goal to the final chapter in the Banner Saga series," Stoic technical director John Watson said in the launch announcement. A few backer rewards are still to go out, mind, and Stoic offer an update on the art book and LP.

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