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The Banner Saga 3 ushers an end to the world July 26th

Spoiler: Lots of people are going to die

It's nearly time to sharpen your axe and wade once more into the beautifully illustrated frostbitten apocalypse that is The Banner Saga. Stoic's strategy-RPG series was always planned as a trilogy, and the third and final chapter is excitingly close, now due out on July 26th, two days later than first expected. Within, a new trailer that could be considered spoiler-laden for those who haven't played through the second game, so go do that first.

For a story that began apocalyptically enough (with the sun frozen in the sky and the land itself crumbling around you) it's impressive how much worse things have gotten for the cast of The Banner Saga. Betrayals, disasters, deaths and all manner of horrible new threats rearing their ugly heads. Up until now you've been trying to keep one step ahead of it all, but it seems that this time round you're going to have to stop running and make a stand, according to Brendan's tantalising chat with the developers back in April.

As with the previous two games, the story will follow two groups of protagonists. One band of heroes will be defending Arberrang - the last surviving city - all in order to buy time for a caravan headed directly into the darkness that's consumed most of the world. This time you're not just trying to stay alive, but stop the apocalypse in its tracks. If the series so far has taught me anything, expect everything to go wrong that could imaginably do so.

Those who played through the previous chapters and remembered to keep their save file around will find that their story decisions - some with far-reaching effects - have carried over into the third. Thankfully for those without a file (such as myself, playing over multiple platforms and several PCs without backups) you'll be able to just say which choices you made at some key branches.

The Banner Saga 3 is out on July 26th, and those so inclined can grab the end of the trilogy on Steam or GOG.

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