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The best Black Friday Razer deals: all the cheapest mice, keyboards, headsets and laptops

Get all the best Black Friday Razer deals right here.

Black Friday 2020 is upon us, so if you're looking to bag some great Black Friday Razer deals, you're in the right place. Below, I've gathered together all the best Black Friday Razer mouse, keyboard, headset, laptop and even gaming monitor deals I've been able to find so far, listing the cheapest prices from across the web in both the UK and US. I'll be keeping this list up to date as and when more Black Friday Razer deals go live, too, so make sure you pop it in your bookmarks to stay up to date.

To help make things nice and easy, I've split up this list of Black Friday Razer deals into their respective component category, and you can click the links on the right there to go straight to the Razer deal you're after. Or you can just carry on reading the whole thing if you want to see the full sweep of what's on offer.

A lot of the Black Friday Razer deals on this list are even cheaper than they were over Amazon Prime Day, too, with many hitting new all-time low prices, particularly on the mouse and keyboard front. As such, it's a great time to pick up a new Razer peripheral this Black Friday, so without further ado, here are all the best Black Friday Razer deals we've found so far.

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An image of the Razer Deathadder Mini V2

The best Black Friday Razer gaming mouse deals

UK deals:

The latest version of Razer's classic gaming mouse, the Deathadder V2 is another top-notch Black Friday bargain if the look of the G502 isn't quite to your liking.

Our top recommendation for left-handed gamers, the Razer Viper is another brilliant ambidextrous gaming mouse. It's wired, unlike the wireless Logitech G903 above, but much cheaper as a result. Again, Amazon have the best price, but Ebuyer also have it for a decent £45.

The brilliant do-it-all gaming mouse, the Razer Naga Trinity has effectively three gaming mice in one thanks to its detachable side panels. It's a great mouse, and at £50, the cheapest it's ever been.

Razer's Basilisk V2 is another top notch gaming mouse, and a great alternative to the Logitech G502 Hero if you're a fan of thumb rests. It doesn't come with any weights, but you get the same number of customisable buttons and you can also change its scroll wheel resistance, too. At £38, it's never been cheaper.

If you'd rather ditch the wires, the Basilisk is also available as a wireless mouse, and this version comes with its own special charging dock, too. Another all-time low price, this mouse would have cost you at least £120 if you'd bought it earlier in the yea (if not closer to £150), making this a pretty great bargain.

US deals:

Razer's entry-level wireless gaming mouse is back to its previous Prime Day price right now, with Best Buy matching Amazon's all-time low of $40. It's a great option if you want a budget wireless mouse that doesn't break the bank, but if you're not a fan of the thumb rest then get the Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless for the same price below instead.

The wireless edition of the ambidextrous Razer Viper, this comes with its own dedicated charging dock for added convenience. We love the wired version, and have every confidence the wireless model will live up to the same standard.

Of course, if you don't mind wires, then the wired Razer Viper is also super cheap right now, going for half price over at Best Buy.

Razer's three-in-one gaming mouse is another firm favourite here at RPS, and Best Buy have matched Amazon's Black Friday price on it. This isn't as cheap as it was over Prime Day, mind, where it fell to $60, but we'll be keeping our eyes peeled to see if it drops any lower later in the week.

A photo of the Razer Turret gaming keyboard.

The best Black Friday Razer gaming keyboard deals

UK deals:

The fanciest version of Razer's optical-mechanical Huntsman gaming keyboard, this version comes with a plush wrist rest and dedicated media keys. It's very loud, but its optical-based keys are also super fast. It was £140 a couple of weeks ago, but this is still the cheapest it's ever been.

Another all-time low price, the Ornata Chroma's mecha membrane switches combines the clicky, mechanical feel of a high-end gaming keyboard with a quieter keystrokes of a membrane model. They're a great half-way house if you're not sure about going full CLACK with a proper mechanical keyboard, and this one also gets you a comfy wrist rest, too.

This is the 2019 version of Razer's classic gaming keyboard. A popular choice among many PC gamers, this model comes with Razer's green "clicky" switches. It's been slightly cheaper in the past - its all-time low being £72 - but considering this would have cost you closer to £90 for most of this year, this year's Black Friday price is still a good deal overall.

The slightly fancier version of the BlackWidow, the Elite has a multi-function digital dial and three media keys that you can programme to adjust brightness, volume or many other what have yous. They're a particularly good edition if you do a lot of media editing. Curry's have knocked another fiver off the previous price of £105 for the version with clicky Green switches.

US deals:

Our top pick for those after a great value membrane keyboard, the Razer Cynosa Chroma's responsive keys are about as close as it's possible to get to a mechanical keyboard without going full clack or opting for a more expensive hybrid model. It's not quite as cheap as its Prime Day low of $46, but it's pretty darn close.

The Cynosa Chroma above is already a good half-way house between a membrane and mechanical gaming keyboard, but the Ornata V2 goes a little bit further, offering proper hybrid keys as well as a plush wrist rest. Today's Black Friday price matches its previous all-time low price at the end of October, too.

Razer's fanciest Blackwidow keyboard is $85 off at the moment, making this a great buy if you want a top notch keyboard with a plush wrist rest, a volume knob and dedicated media keys.

Down $30 off its usual price, this compact version of Razer's super fast (but super loud) optical gaming keyboard is a good but not record-breaking deal. It was $90 over Prime Day, for example, but otherwise this is still the second-best price it's been all year.

A photo of several Razer gaming headsets on headset stands.

The best Black Friday Razer gaming headset deals

UK deals:

An ultra lightweight version of Razer's popular Kraken headset, the Kraken X is one of the better budget gaming headsets you can buy right now - especially when it's £15 cheaper than usual.

The Kraken wasn't on sale over Prime Day in the UK (only in the US), so this one is a little easier to judge. Indeed, apart from a very brief dip to £47 for a week in August, the Kraken has been at least £55 ever since April. Amazon have the black version for £41, whereas Ebuyer only have it for £50, but if you're after the cheapest price and don't mind white or pink, these are the best deals going right now.

The Kraken Tournament has now sold out on Amazon, but Ebuyer still have Razer's 7.1 surround sound gaming headset listed for a pretty reasonable price. On most sites, it's been at least £70 for the past four months, making it a great time to snap one up - especially now it's only another £10 over the regular Kraken.

US deals:

Razer's ultralight gaming headset isn't quite as low as its Prime Day record of $33, but it sure comes pretty darn close. Having cost $50 for most of the last six months, this is a good price for a budget gaming headset - although we'd argue the $40 Logitech G432 above is the better buy overall at just another $5.

Meanwhile, for just another $15, you can get Razer's full-fat Kraken instead. This matches its previous all-time low Prime Day price of $50, making it a great time to pick it up if you missed out on it last month. Having fluctuated between $65 and $80 for much of this year, this year's Black Friday price is the cheapest it's been since last Black Friday.

Alternatively, the extra comfort of the Kraken Tournament Edition's gel-infused ear cushions and extra THX sound controller may be enough to tempt you to part with another $5 this Black Friday, as this deal actually beats its Prime Day price, where it fell to $60.

While Amazon and Best Buy's $50 discount on Razer's HyperSense-enabled Nari Ultimate Wireless headset isn't quite as good as the one available in the UK right now, this is still the best price we've seen for this model since January, where it fell to $130. Since then, it's flip-flopped between $170 and $200, making now as good a time as any to pick one up if you've ever wanted to 'feel' your game audio vibrate against your face.

A photo of the Razer Raptor gaming monitor.

The best Black Friday Razer monitor deals

The Razer Raptor is one of the best gaming monitors I've tested all year, and so this year's Black Friday discount of at least £170 (it cost £700 when I reviewed it in March) is most welcome. It has a fantastic panel, it's got full G-Sync Compatible certification and exquisite cable management round the back of the stand. I'm not joking. It's a great buy at this price, although there are cheaper 144Hz 1440p monitors available below, too.

A face-on photo of the Razer Blade 15 gaming laptop.

The best Black Friday Razer gaming laptop deals

UK deals:

If you're after a diddy little gaming laptop, then Razer's Stealth 13 has a pretty sizeable discount on it right now. It only has a GTX 1650 Ti graphics chip as its disposal, so it won't be able to play big 3D games on the highest graphics settings, but it's still more than enough for decent frame rates in online shooters as well as 2D indie games.

The 2020 base model of Razer's Blade 15 laptop is down £550 for Black Friday today, which is the cheapest this laptop has ever been. It's a great alternative to the larger, similarly specced Blade Pro 17 below.

If you want to pull all the stops out on your gaming laptop purchase, though, then this 300Hz Razer Blade Pro makes for a great desktop replacement - especially when it comes with a bunch of free Razer accessories as well, including the Cynosa Lite keyboard, Viper mouse and Kraken X headset (plus a Razer water bottle and face mask, because why the heck not). With a whopping £700 shaved off its usual price, this is an excellent deal.

US deals:

A decent saving of $250 here, the base model of Razer's Blade 15 2020 laptop comes with a great set of specs, including a Core i7 processor and an RTX 2060 graphics chip - perfect for filling out its 144Hz refresh rate display.

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