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The Best Competition Ever. EVER. EVVVVVVERRRRRRR

Site policy: we don't run news about competitions in other places.

Today, I must break site policy. Because today there is a videogames competition that has nothing to do with us, but wherein the prize is to become a fully qualified HGV driver.


Euro Truck Simulator 2, I salute you. Granted, the prize is going on a training course rather than simply being presented with a certificate, a checked shirt, a thermos flask and a lorry, but still. Beats winning an iPad any day. Also, the course usually costs about £4000, so you'd definitely be getting a leg up on your change to a 2-4-6-8 Motorway lifestyle.

Better still, entering requires watching 10 videos about HGVs then answering questions based on what you've learned. It's basically a driving theory test. Here's one of 'em:

Questions include:

Which of the following would be the correct thing to say when testing the two-second rule?

  • Only a complete tool breaks the two-second rule?
  • Only a mule breaks the two-second rule?
  • Only a fool breaks the two-second rule?

Er, mule? No, wait, tool! No, fool! No, fool of a took!

I just love this whole thing so damn much.

Enter (and watch the rest of the videos) here. Please also note how brilliant the URL is. Oh, and you're not allowed to enter if you live outside Europe and/or are under 18. No trucks for you, young non-EU-member! And stupid people who can't be bothered to read, please remember that this competition is nothing whatsoever to do with Rock, Paper, Shotgun. I'm just tickled pink by its existence.

Take it away, Tom:

It is also a legal requirement that you read about Adam's experiences with the videogame this relates to.

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