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The best value Steam Deck memory card is down to £37 for 512GB

A great piece of RPS-approved kit at a discount.

SanDisk's capacious 512GB Ultra drive is down to £36.99 at their UK web store, offering nearly a 50% savings off its RRP. This is a great pickup for Steam Deck or Switch owners, but of course this memory card would also work in phones, tablets, action cams and so on too - there's even a full-size SD card adapter included.

This memory card is not the fastest around, with A1 and UHS-1 ratings and a sequential read speed of up to 150MB/s, but we found that there wasn't a particularly noticeable difference between the slowest and fastest Micro SD cards in our Steam Deck memory card testing. (We saw similar results for Switch too, over at Digital Foundry.) In fact, we named the SanDisk Ultra the best cheap Micro SD card for Steam Deck, and this discount just reinforces that recommendation. Here's what James said in his write-up:

The SanDisk Ultra offers a wider range of capacities than the [Samsung] Pro Plus, with lower prices across the board. This is partly owing to its lower U1 speed class, meaning its write speeds aren’t as fast as U3 models, but that’s more of a concern for videographers needing a microSD card for their camera. Where games performance is concerned, read speed is king, and the affordable Ultra can keep pace with pricier cards... It put up an especially spry challenge in Aperture Desk Job, and even its ‘worst’ performance – the Shadow of the Tomb Raider load test – was less than half a second slower than the Deck’s top-spec SSD.

So yeah - an awesome pickup here, a great value Micro SD card with a 10-year warranty and RPS-tested performance. What more could you want?

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