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The Bestest Best Main Menu of 2015: Monkey Fortunetell

Monkeys divine your future

What will 2015 bring you? Love, perhaps? Long-lost inspiration? Terrible power? Terrible wealth? Great loss? Great joy? A much-needed change? Monkey Fortunetell can read your future from how you shake and cast a barrel full of monkeys, but its main menu makes one thing clear: no matter what else, 2015 will be a year for boogying hard. It's a free little treat from Froggy creator Nathalie Lawhead, glitch-o game maker Rachel Simone Weil, and musician Torley.

Look, come on, you have to see this person dancing around in a monkey suit:

You can download Monkey Fortunetell, but the browser version has bonus loading screen fun.

Once you're done watching the monkey dance (the animation's based on Lawhead's sister's moves), it's time to have your fortune told. Give the barrel of monkeys a good shake, enjoy the show as you wave it around, then give 'em a roll. The monkeys tumble out onto a special board divided into the fates, with where they land and how determining your future.

It is, of course, all made up. That's fine. I've said before that I enjoy and value divination and prognostication because they throw out a load of ideas about living and pose questions that I still find helpful to reflect upon.

Also you get to watch a monkey dance, and that's great.

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